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About a Shirt

By Rocco Paone, Buffalo Exchange Astoria-Queens

Sometimes the history of an item is what makes it valuable.

Jeanne and her husband came into the Astoria-Queens location shortly after moving to the area. Having never been into a Buffalo Exchange before, I went through the entire buying process with them. After going through her items, I came across this gem— a 1961 Arizona Women’s League (WIBC) bowling shirt.

Jeanne said nearly 30 years ago her sister got it for her as a gift from a vintage store in AZ, because the embroidery on the front says “Jeanne.” The best part of the shirt is the back where it says “S & W Lbr. 5001 E. Spdwy.” I found out it stands for “S & W Lumber Company,” which had been around since the 50s. Then I found some information on the original owner, her name was Jeanne Heckler and she did make it to the AWBA Championships in 1965. Jeanne was very happy to see the excitement this bowling shirt brought to the girls at the store, and said she will be coming back with more items!

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Unique items such as this one with a story to tell make it exciting to be a part of the Buffalo herd every day. We cannot wait to see what you bring in!