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ABC- Rescue Me!

Sunburns and Stressed Out Tresses by Amanda Richards, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Sunburned Woman

Now that we’re getting into the middle of summer here in Tucson, and the temperature exceeds 100 degrees (as is the case all over lately) you’ve probably gotten at least one bad sunburn and the chlorine from the pool is taking a toll on your hair. Here is a Craft-It-Yourself Sunburn Soothe to calm a bad sunburn and a Hydrating Coconut Warm Oil treatment for your scalp and hair, all made from items you probably have around that house.

Sunburn Soothe

We’ve all had one or more sunburns and we swear we’ll never get one so bad again, but sadly with sunburns you never know how bad it is until much later.  Now you’re home your skin is firey hot to the touch and painful. Aloe Vera gel is usually where most people turn when dealing with a bad burn. It’s a good thing and should be used to keep the skin moist. Another kitchen item you can use is Apple-Cider Vinegar! This stuff really helps calm the heat down and can be re-applied over and over.

Supplies you will need:

  • Apple Cider-Vinegar
  • A washcloth
  • Spray bottle

Sunburn Soothing Ingredients

Soak a washcloth with apple-cider vinegar then apply it as a compress to the inflamed areas to relieve the sting.  Between applying the vinegar compress, keep the skin well lubricated with aloe vera gel.  You can also put Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz it on the areas that are irritated.

Tea bags are also a good option; tea contains tannic acid which helps take the sting out of your sunburn and ease the redness. I really recommend it for your face and eye area, and it smells pretty good too. My favorite is chamomile tea which has soothing properties.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

I first experienced a coconut oil treatment when I was vacationing in Kauai’i. I had always wanted this treatment and I’m really glad I got one. My hair and scalp not only smelled good, but my hair was silky for days afterwards. Coconut oil is great for rehydrating the skin and repairing damage done to the hair.

Supplies you will need:

Coconut Oil- you can purchase this at most grocery and health food stores

  • Squeeze bottle
  • Clean spoon
  • Two towels

Sunburn Soothing Ingredients

Coconut oil is firm, but easy to spoon out and will liquefy once it’s warmer than room temperature. Once the bottle is half way full, cap it. You can either use a crock pot full of water or hot water in the sink to warm up the coconut oil.  Once the oil is warm and liquid, it will be easy to squirt out of the bottle. Saturate your scalp and massage it in pulling the oil gently down through the hair to the tips. Once hair is saturated, pile your hair on top of your head and wrap up in a towel.  Now you just need to wait 15 minutes for the oil to work its way into your hair.

Sunburn Soothing IngredientsSunburn Soothing IngredientsSunburn Soothing Ingredients

Coconut oil is not only good for your skin, but you can eat it as well! While you’re relaxing for 15 minutes, why not make yourself a tasty snack? Take unsalted, no-butter popcorn and drizzle some coconut oil on it. A delicious snack!

Once time is up, head to the shower and rinse out the oil. If you still feel residue you can use a little bit shampoo. Now that you have rescued your skin and hair now you’re ready for more fun in the sun, but please, next time be sure to wear sunscreen and reapply often. Happy Summer!

How do you help rescue your skin from a bad burn? Milk baths? Yogurt Poultices? Please share what has worked for you! Next time, sugar and salt scrubs 101. I will show you ways to make a scrub at home with only 3 ingredients.