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ABC – Amanda’s Beauty Corner

Amanda is a Tucson native and a licensed esthetician obsessed with skincare, craft-it-yourself makeup, body products and perfume.

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Welcome! Skin care and makeup can say as much about your style as the clothing you wear, so why not personalize your daily regimen the same way you personalize your wardrobe? Healthy beauty and style can be obtained easily, and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on high end products to achieve a glamorous look.  I’ll find you cost effective products that get the most bang for your buck and share ways to customize your look with craft-it-yourself recipes as well as little touches you can add to store bought items. 

Let’s kick off our first entry with some easy ways to simplify your makeup routine.  Here are some recommendations to get you started.


Moisturizing tint with SPF is a must for keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the summer sun. Here are some favorites at a reasonable price point:

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($26 on MoisturizerThis tint gives you a great boost of hydration.  It’s lightweight, comes in 4 shades and is suitable for both dry and oily skin. Image Via polyvore

Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF 15. ($36

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This moisturizing SPF tint, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation is lightweight and oil-free. It absorbs into the skin quickly, giving a natural finish and comes in 8 shades. Image Via OrganicChoice


When it comes to mascara during the summer months you definitely want waterproof. This will keep your eyes smear free from the swimming pool to the beach. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good mascara. Sure, there are excellent mascaras in the $20 range and up, but I prefer to spend my dollars elsewhere.

Beauty Without Cruelty Waterproof Mascara. ($14.95

Beauty ProductThis vegan mascara comes in black and brown. (Image via

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara ($8.99

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A great mascara to plump up your eyelashes and good for sensitive eyes. image via

Both mascaras are good for building long, thick lashes and have minimal issues with smudging.  Each one comes in black and black/brown.

Cheeks & Lips

An easy and inexpensive way to give your lips and cheeks a touch of color is to use a two-in-one stain. Here are some products I recommend:

100% Pure Sheer Lip & Cheek Tint ($15 )

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This fruit & vegetable pigment is all natural, vegetarian and comes in 6 beautiful shades. image via 100percentpure

Sephora Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain ($12

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From the Sephora makeup line is the Lush Flush Lip & Cheek stain. Derived from red wine extracts this antioxidant loaded gel base stain packs a luscious punch!  Available in 3 different stains. image via sephora


While protecting yourself from UV exposure is an absolute must, not everyone appreciates that distinctive sunscreen smell.  California based Coola Suncare sells a line of organic, paraben free sunscreen in fun fragrances which not only give you the SPF you need, but leave you smelling delicious!  My favorite is Coola’s sunscreen in SPF 45 scented in mango ($32 image via

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Now your skin is good to go! Check back next week for a DIY summer hair style!