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A Winter Closet Clean Out

By Stephanie Lew, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange Winter was certainly a strong beast this season. You may have pulled out that parka more times than you can remember or forgone the fashion boots for practical snow shoes. However fear not my friends, spring is within sight and a closet clean out is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to clean out, reorganize and transition with a roomy closet into spring. Here are a few tips and thoughts for your closet clean out.

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Did you wear it this season?

The best time to analyze the true needs of a closet is towards the end of any season. Did you wear it this year? Will you honestly wear it next year? What is the true reason you keep this piece in your winter wear selection? If you can’t find a lot of rhyme and reason when answering these and you certainly avoided sporting the fashion this year, consider selling it because it’ll be another year before you even remember it’s there.

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Will I like this next year?

This is one tricky question that ends up keeping more items in your closet than normally intended. Most times you never know what you’ll want in a year, but consider that by this time next year there’s a good chance you’ll make some kind of a purchase that falls in the same realm as this item. Now you just need to decide if you should hold onto both or sell for the closet space and be ready for a new purchase next season.

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Can I store this item?

Chunky sweaters and thick coats take up an abundance of space. They also can take some extra attention to store. Wool should be stored with cedar or some kind of moth deterrent. But please do your best to avoid the super intense “Moth Ball.” That monster of a smell is incredibly difficult to remove from clothing. Sweaters and other winter pieces can be stored in plastic bins, but you’ll want to make sure they are clean and have some air circulation, otherwise mildew can arise. Lastly these items all need to be stored away from light. Artificial and natural light can have bleaching and color fading effects on anything it reaches. Sound like too much work or have too many items to tuck neatly away? Time to sort and clean out!

5Do I really need this?

One of the most difficult but helpful realizations in a closet clean out is perspective. Take a moment (maybe even write it down) and analyze how many jackets, sweaters, winter-only boots, winter pants and sweater dresses you have. Now consider all the wonderful sales and finds you’ll see over the next year that will also fall into this category. Lastly take a look at all this information and truly ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” The answer might surprise you. Knowing how much you have and how much you may acquire may the final push in helping you let go.

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When all is said and done, pack up your items and bring them into your local Buffalo Exchange. Now your closet will not only ready for spring but ready for the next winter season. Best of luck in your closet endeavors and please let us know how your closet clean out went!

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Stephanie is a connoisseur of shoes and small brass figurines. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, she is the Art Director for Buffalo Exchange. Her favorite words include “Yikes” “Banana” and “Paradox.” You can see adorable photos of her dog here @StephLewPhotog