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A How To Guide for a Well-Planned Holiday Season

HolidayAs we approach a season which entails some of the highest stress levels of the year along with many events to attend, on top of endless gift searching, we must take a moment and reorganize ourselves to have a successful and enjoyable season. Take a moment to read over some helpful advice on how to breeze through your holiday season.

Holiday1. First you’ll need to figure out your plans. Begin scheduling your holiday events and figuring out which you will be attending this year and which you will decline.

  • This will help aid you with which gifts to purchase and create for your hosts and what attire you’ll need to acquire.
  • Try your best to RSVP at a respectable time to give your host plenty of planning time.
  • If you’re hosting a holiday shindig then make sure to get those invites out soon and follow up with a phone call shortly after.

2. Next you’ll want to plan out your budget for the season.

  • Start with a general figure of how much you’re planning on spending this season.
  • Then create a list of those you’ll be gifting for and general price ranges you’d like to shop within for them.
  • Lastly create a reasonable list of items within each of those price ranges for your gift receiver.

Holiday3. Then you’ll need to designate particular shopping days.

  • Don’t try to get it all done in one day
  • Use the mornings for mall time while stores are organized and crowds have yet to show up. (Remember lots of stores have extended holiday hours!)

4. Stick to your days and don’t delay.

  • Always remember the shops will not become any less busy than they were today until the holiday season ends.  So don’t procrastinate and get it done.

Holiday5. Stock up on some tasty and easy treats to take with you or gifts for spur of the moment.

  • My absolutely favorite are the pumpkin muffin mixes from Trader Joes. A total of 20 minutes with very minimal ingredients and effort will get you some tasty and beautiful treats. Top with a vanilla butter cream frosting and sprinkle with pumpkin spice.

Holiday6. Prepare your wardrobe.

  • The number one thing you’ll need is an ugly I mean charming holiday sweater. Snowman’s, kitten’s, penguins and polar bears. The time is now for some holiday cheer.
  • At least one dapper or classy outfit. Bring out your favorite tailored suit or that dress you’ve kept around for just the occasion. New Year’s Eve will be its calling.
  • Have a few “classy” but casual outfits ready to go. Most events you’ll attend will probably urge a dress code of jeans with a nice blouse or shirt.
  • Remember the shoes make the outfit. Dress the outfit up or down with sneakers or loafers and heels or flats.

Holiday7. Almost done… Schedule some time in there for yourself.

  • Take a day or two to treat yourself. This is a season of high stress and panic, so take time where you need it to collect yourself.

Holiday8. Lastly remember the holiday season is a season of joy, love, caring and kindness.

  • Be kind to one another and more than anything practice patience. Try your best not to be in a rush and you’ll feel a lot more at ease.
  • Do a few random acts of kindness such as allowing the person with a single item to go ahead of you in a grocery store. Karma always has a way of thanking you.