A Buffalo Start: Max von Isser

Max Von IsserMost times it’s random happenings that propel you into a new direction in life. For one of our customer, Max von Isser, the random happening started at Buffalo Exchange. We sat down with Max and asked him about how this all happened and the life style of a high fashion model.

First of all let’s start with the preliminaries:

Age: 21, Height: 6’1, From: Tucson, AZ

Max Von Isser

How did you get started in modeling? I went into Buffalo Exchange enough that people started to know me by name and one of the guys told me that his coworker was building her photography portfolio and I that I should do a shoot with her. So I decided I might as well do a shoot and I figure the worst that would happen is that I got some good pictures of myself.

Max Von IsserWhat happened next? I started building a portfolio after my first shoot. About 6 months after my very first shoot I went to NYC. I started going to open calls with a book I had built up in Phoenix and Tucson. I went into the Fusion open call, which seemed like a long shot, but sense I was up there I figured I should go. They ended up liking me and offering me a contract. Then after signing with Fusion I went back to NY shortly after to build up my portfolio and do a lot of castings and go sees. That went very well for me and Fusion put me into their model lineup for fashion week. So this past fashion week I walked Duckie Brown, Siki I’m, Parsons College, Public School, Patrik Ervell (which I got to open), John Bartlett. In addition I met up with a lot of international agencies and did some castings for some campaigns. Next summer I’ll be moving to NY and hopefully traveling to London, Milan & Paris.

Max Von Isser

Tell us a little more about yourself: I’m still in school at the University of Arizona studying marketing. I also love thrift shopping.

Why thrifting? I love thrifting in Tucson because nobody knows what they own, and I can often find great designer items for next to nothing.

Max Von IsserWhen you’re not modeling you are… At the gym, at a thrift shop, watching angry beavers, or doing homework.

 If you an animal you would be…  I was thinking that it would be really fun to be a river otter, because you don’t have many predators and you just get to play around in the water all day.

Max Von IsserWhere would you bury your treasure…. I would bury it in a playground and some kid would dig it up and it would make his life. It would be the most amazing thing ever as a child to discover real buried treasure.

What’s your greatest fear… The first thing that comes to mind is burning, butI think my greatest fear is being uninteresting.

Max Von IsserDescribe your style: I’m definitely a minimalist and I like clothes that are well fitted but not tight. I strive for a classic look. Guys like Paul Newman and James Dean are my heroes in style.

Max Von Isser

You can spot Max all over reviews of fashion week, like this article from esquire or currently he a model for Opening Ceremony. Check out their latest arrivals!

Images via & opening ceremony Photographers: Joseph Grey, Stephanie Lew, Migjen Rama,