Women’s Halloween Trends

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This year Halloween is about more than just being frightening it’s about fashion! Women’s costume trends are being influenced by themed events, TV shows, and making sure our costumes reach a ton of likes on Instagram! Ladies are going higher end with their costume pieces, even reaching cosplay levels. Check out a few of our favorite costume inspirations.

Disney has always appealed to the young at heart and the princess that lives within each one of us. We are seeing Disney characters become a popular costume choice, but with an updated twist—Disney meets zombie!

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Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa

The Walking Dead will be a major influence on costume trends this year as the new season keeps captivating zombie crazed fans. This Halloween we’re pairing living dead and skeleton-inspired make up with distressed band tees like the Grateful Dead and ripped up moto jeans. This is an easy trend to style with re-wearable items that take classic iconography and brings it back from the dead with a fresh trendy vibe.

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70s inspired fall trends are seeping into costume concepts like the classic Bonnie and Clyde look, Cher inspired gypsy queen style, and the American Hustle disco fever get ups. Just pair a sweater with a beret and silk scarf to create a look from Bonnie and Clyde. Another trick is to pair a boho blouse, ultra-flared pants, and fringe suede vest to transform into a 1970s rock icon.

Alt girl clothing trends featured on sites like DollsKill combined with out of this world make up create a spellbinding costume! Look to NYxCosmetics, PopSugar, and makeup artist buhbuhbrittanyy for professional makeup inspiration that is sure to mesmerize your friends. She has such an ongoing imagination and passion for Halloween and specializes in prosthetics, makeup coloring, and costume design. Most of her work and products are from

This year’s Halloween trends are all about working with recyclable clothing, tapping into your inner stylist, and drawing inspiration from the things that go bump in the night!