WGNO featured Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

WGNO featured Buffalo Exchange New Orleans in “Watch sexy guys struggle to pick the perfect red dress?!” on August 3, 2015: “If you’re planning to run this weekend, you better have a red dress! … At Buffalo Exchange, they are prepared for the Red Dress Run with nearly 600 dresses. All year they collect red dresses in preparation for the red dress festivities. “Guys want sexy and sparkly dresses. Some men want really short and some men want really long. I’ve even heard some men ask for natural fabrics. The ladies are a little more skilled at buying dresses. Women want dresses that fit properly while men want to show off,” Lyons said. Keenan O’Callaghan is one of the guys who is on the hunt for the perfect red dress! “There are so many to choose from. All of them are fantastic. It really is whichever one fits you best,” he said. …”