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5 Underdog Trends: Winter

Every season underlying trends start to make their way to the top. Some have been there for season after season and others are returning from over a decade ago. Either way they catch our eyes and we consider how to incorporate them into our seasonal wardrobe. Here are our top 5 underdog trends hoping to hit hard this season.

Thigh High

Thigh High Maxi Dresses

  • Perhaps Rihanna kicked this trend off with that black high slit number she wore to an awards show a few months back. We have be aware for a year or two now that maxi dresses were trending but now a high slit has been added for flow and to show off a bit of leg.


Varsity Styles

Varsity Winter Wear

  • Last year we heard major requests from customers and our staff that letterman jackets were trending. As many requests as we received we saw just a handful of people actually sporting the trend, but this year it’s come back in full swing. Our favorites are more simplified with no lettering and leather or pleather sleeves.
Adorable Creatures

Adorable Creature Sweaters

  • Do you remember owning one of these in the sandbox days? We sure do and now we wonder what ever happened to that beloved animal face sweater. Fear not, all over the place adorable creatures are ready to be worn in fantastic seasonal colors. This is a perfect trend to match with a great collared blouse.
All that glitters

All That Glitters

  • Every holiday season the shine breaks out. Last year it was more sequins but this year, glitter is sparkling ahead of the others. As you wander around you’ll leave a beautiful trail of glitter dust behind you.
Sheer Dreams

Sheer Dreams

  • This trend probably gained a lot of popularity when Kristin Stewart wore some lacey pieces to all the final Breaking Dawn premiers. Not that we should say she was a trend setter as this has been trending since summer, but she certainly didn’t inhibit the sheer dreams. So you’ll probably see a little more than expected as this trend takes a popular turn along with a rise in body suits and spandex under pieces. Don’t rely on this to keep you warm, but sometimes great fashion comes at a price!

So there you have it, 5 trends for the season. Perhaps you’ll be daring enough to indulge or you can always enjoy trend watching from the sidelines. Whatever your style is, enjoy!