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5 Tips to Evaluating Your Closet

ClosetThe tasks I find the most daunting always have to do with my closet. That includes organizing it, cleaning it and evaluating my closet needs.  I often stand there in frustration over where to start. So if you’re in the same boat I am, here are a few tips to keep you rational and level headed as you head into the danger zone! Photo via Lara604

Closet1. How much space do I have?

  • Most of our closets are bursting at the brim. I find personally that the walk way in front of my closet easily becomes a disaster zone because there’s just no way to physically put away all the clothing I own. So there’s my problem… I have too much clothing for not enough space. At this point you have to ask yourself, can I get more space (like buying an extra clothing rack) or will I need to purge my closet. The choice is up to you, but I prefer to clean out and trade (to Buffalo, of course) for something new (although it does defeat the purpose of cleaning out, if you buy something again… Oh well, who doesn’t love a new piece of clothing!?)


2. What do I want to buy and do I already have it?

  • This question will probably remind you of what a friend may have said while shopping with you, “Don’t you already own that?” Those words never sit well, because as defensive as you may get you reply with, “It’s not the same!” But is it? If you remember what you have in your closet, ask yourself why you don’t want to wear it and if you’re ready to upgrade then do so. But don’t hold onto both or the lesser of the two will just get pushed to the side and loose value over time. One in and one out.

Closet3. Will I wear this next season?

  • I find myself holding onto an abundance of jackets and sweaters even though I live in the desert. I hold on to them because I’m never sure of what I’m going to feel like wearing next season. But there’s a few ways to aid this problem. 1. Stop buying items out of season unless it’s a classic piece like a pea coat or a down jacket. 2. If you were iffy this past season, as soon as the next season hits wear it immediately and decide then. If you’re over it then sell to Buffalo right away while you can get the most for your item!

Closet4. I’m going to fix it. Photo via Magnus_d

  • If you are the person that can buy a damaged or slightly off item and takes the time to fix it, then I give you kudos! I often find myself buying an item with fixed needed because its discounted or a good deal. But 9 times out of 10 it ends up living a lonely life in a bag of hopes and dreams that will never see the light of day. So my advice here is fix it or get rid of it and ever better, don’t buy it. If you do buy it, you better fix it the moment you get home!


5. But what if..?

  • A clothing hoarder’s number one fear is always going to be, “But what if…” This is where a big deep breath and a moment of perspective will help. Have you ever had trouble finding the item you really wanted to wear and end up wearing something else? You probably still had a great time and felt good about the outfit you were in. Selling and trading out clothing is a lot like that. There’s a sudden panic about future moments in which you will want to wear it, but if you have as much clothing as I think you do, then you’ll be ok. Plus think about it this way. If you keep items purely for the ”what  if” moments as opposed to something you can throw on every day, then that’s just taking up space in your closet! Space that you could use to put away those new to you items from Buffalo.

Hopefully these tips will help guide you through a closet clean out and evaluation. One thing I like to remind myself is that fashion is ever changing, so clothing rotation is key when keeping your closet updated. Even if you’re not into following major trends, your style is always evolving and a rotating closet leaves room for creativity and exploration! Best of luck in your closet endeavors!