5 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

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By Danielle Hargett, Buffalo Exchange HQ


For our annual Earth Day $1 Day Sale, we’re teaming up with The 5 Gyres Institute to help turn the tide on plastic pollution in the ocean! At the sale, we will offer a selection of clothing for just $1 apiece. All proceeds from the sale of $1 items will be donated to 5 Gyres in support of their efforts to research ocean plastic pollution and engage communities in the responsible use, design and disposal of plastic materials. Fortunately, it’s easy to be a part of the solution! Here are a few simple things you can do at home to reduce your plastic use:

1. Carry a reusable water bottle. Not only does a refillable bottle make good environmental sense, it’s good for your bank account. Three cheers for staying hydrated without contributing to plastic pollution in the ocean! Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, Holding water bottles

2. Go straw-free. Every day, Americans use 500 million straws, which aren’t recyclable and often end up in oceans. Next time you’re eating out at your favorite restaurant, just tell them you don’t need a straw!Buffalo Exchange,HQ, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, Straw on beach Photo from The 5 Gyres Institute

3.Bring your own shopping bag. Most plastic bags are used for 12 minutes before being thrown out. Plastic bags are difficult to recycle and, because they’re lightweight, often end up in the ocean, where they’re sometimes mistaken for food by turtles. For those times when you end up taking a plastic bag, do your part to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean by reusing it as a trash bag. Need a cute reusable bag to carry around? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange and pick up one of our totes, made from 70% recycled plastic bottles.Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, Bringing a reusable shopping bag

4.Reduce plastic pollution in the ocean by buying in bulk. Packaging now accounts for 25% of all plastic manufacturing. Buying more at once helps reduce the amount of plastic you consume. If you opt to buy from the bulk bins at the grocery store and want to use your own container, just ask the cashier to weigh it before filling it up with your favorite bulk goodies!Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, buying in bulk

5.Pick up litter! Picking up litter prevents waste from entering streams, rivers and, ultimately, our oceans. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up. (And while you’re at it, don’t forget to give yourself a big pat on the back!)Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, litter in the desert

Oh, and just because we’re friends, we’ll let you in on the #1 easiest – and did we mention most fun? – way to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean: shopping our Earth Day $1 Day Sale, of course! Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange on the morning of Saturday, April 21. The sale is cash only and the selection of $1 items tends to go quickly, so be sure to arrive early, cash in hand. For every $1 you spend on Earth Day $1 Day sale items, you’ll be helping out The 5 Gyres Institute in their fight again ocean plastic pollution!

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