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5 Classic Essentials of a Man’s Wardrobe

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Whether you wear fitted button ups with bow ties or tall boy tees and urban jeans, here are 5 classic essentials that all guys should have in their wardrobe.

Crew Neck1. The Basic Crew Neck. I’m sure you have at least a few undershirts in your closet to aide those slightly see through button ups. But you should also have a few basic/non-screen printed crew necks (in your favorite colors!) to wear on those days you can’t find the top you’re looking for.  Image via

Beanie2. The Classic Beanie. You don’t have to wear a beanie just because your hair is really not feeling it today. Perhaps you just want an understated accessory. Either way a beanie is the classic touch for any man’s wardrobe. Image via simpleasthatx.


3. The 501. Okay so you’re hip and with it and you bought a pair of skinny jeans. Well skinny and baggy go in and out of fashion constantly. But you can never go wrong with a pair of Levi’s most classic jean, the 501. The fit is moveable, comfortable and stylish in every way.  This cut has been around for more than a century with good reason. Image via

Sneaker4. The Chuck Taylor. The ultimate classic sneaker. Not only are these guys so incredibly affordable but they come in hundreds of colors, styles and patterns along with the option of high top or ankle. Rock gods and geeks alike, this sneaker is the perfect complement to whichever outfit you throw on today.

Jacket5. The Workman’s Jacket. This jacket will serve its purpose for more than you can imagine and it’ll last for decades. The workman’s jacket has tightly woven fabric that’s both water resistant and durable. So you can make a fashion statement or use it for whatever reason you can think of. Image via

There you have it. 5 classic essentials to ever man’s wardrobe. You can even make a wardrobe just out these items and that might make you the most classic man of all time.