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40th Tour: Tucson (East Side)

By Buffalo Exchange Tucson (East Side)

The Buffalo Exchange Airstream in front of the Buffalo Exchange Tucson (East Side) location.

The 40th celebration continues at Tucson’s East Side store! The beautiful Airstream greeted customers in the best possible way—Buffalo style. Leather, silver, and embroidered clothing filled the trailer, a favorite among all shoppers looking for unique western wear. The instant photo booth made the day even more memorable, not to mention a live musical performance by Tucson’s own Adam Nixon! Sweet treats, sun tea, and colorful 40th anniversary cupcakes fit perfectly with our bright Arizona theme. There was something special for everyone: families stopping by for delicious snacks and new spring clothes, a girls’ day out, or those “I’ll just take a quick look…” visitors. We saw regular customers and even out of town visitors who were all so excited to be celebrating with us. It was amazing to meet some local Tucsonans who remembered the first store and wanted to share their memories with us! Definitely a great day all-around of vintage finds and sharing what Buffalo Exchange is all about. After today, our shoppers already want more, so get ready for a fun tour day!

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