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40th Tour: Tucson (Campus)

By Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

Buffalo Exchange employee from Tucson (Campus) location in front of the Buffalo Exchange Airstream at the Buffalo Exchange 40th anniversary tour event.

The kick off for our 40th anniversary tour was held at Tucson, AZ’s campus location. We had a couple food vendors and live music! But, of course, the most popular attraction was our pop-up shop—the amazing Airstream trailer. It was packed to the brim with cowboy boots, silver and turquoise jewelry, fringed jackets, and vintage galore! Overall, the day was a great success and we had lots of people telling us they couldn’t wait to do it again!

IMG_1872 IMG_1880 IMG_1885 IMG_1896 IMG_1940 IMG_1945 IMG_1959 IMG_1964 IMG_1982 IMG_1984 IMG_1991Allyson Bennett, 40th Anniversary Illustrator!

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