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40th Tour: Atlanta


Buffalo Exchange (3)When the Airstream trailer touched down in Atlanta, Georgia, aka the Big Apple of the South, the public came to check it out. The morning began by setting up the trailer and the store for the festivities.


Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange (7)The staff showed off their vintage style by coming in vintage pieces they got from our store. Team members got in to pairs and matched each other with rare vests, kimonos, or cutting up their Buffalo Exchange tour shirts to show off their creativity. With Atlanta being the melting pot of the South, a lot of interesting people came out to make the event a great success. The day was filled with surprises from sidewalk chalk art to getting temporary tattoos on everyone who would have one.

 Buffalo Exchange (5)Buffalo Exchange (2) Buffalo Exchange (1)The staff had a fun time interacting with repeat and new customers who wanted to learn more about Buffalo Exchange and its long history. Chatting and eating snacks was a common theme for the day, which was right up everyone’s alley along with shopping, of course. For our store to be relatively new, our neighborhood showed a lot of support, which just shows how much Buffalo Exchange has incorporated itself in the community.

Buffalo Exchange (12) Buffalo Exchange (11) Buffalo Exchange (10) Buffalo Exchange (9) Buffalo Exchange (6)

Ending the day was bittersweet, our customers wanted more and our staff was still ready to go. Our 40th tour event was nothing short of great with a side of fantastic. Like our banner said, “40 going on FOREVER.” PEACE UP A-TOWN DOWN and we out.

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