4 Tips to Selling

By Amy, Buffalo Exchange Portland

Buffalo ExchangeSince 1974, Buffalo Exchange has been striving to provide our customers with the best merchandise at the best prices.  In order to achieve this, we need you!  Without our customers, we couldn’t continue our mission; so we put together some tips for sellers to better understand our buy process.

Buffalo ExchangeTip #1: We always buy the best of all seasons!

For example, just because its summer doesn’t mean we don’t want that adorable sweater that’s sitting in your closest collecting dust; or even that classic black pea coat that you didn’t wear through the season. Think timeless styles that can transcend trends! If you’re not sure, bring it in!

Buffalo ExchangeTip #2: We support all style type and sizes!

We are limited to what our customers bring in to sell; so just because you don’t see it our racks, doesn’t mean we don’t want it! We strive to have items represented for each and every customer that walks through our door.  Whether you’re business casual, punk rock, a size 2 or 18, Buffalo Exchange wants to help with your spring cleaning, and we’ve got nothin’ but time! (Call your local Buffalo for store hours) If you’re not sure, bring it in!

Buffalo ExchangeTip #3: How well has it been loved?

Condition is a huge factor in our buying process.  It doesn’t have to be brand new, but we make every effort to select high quality, good condition options for our customers.  Take a quick look through your items prior to selling to see if they need a quick run through the washing machine. (Check those pockets!)  Spots, holes and pilling are details that affect our decisions making at the buy counter. If you’re not sure, bring it in!

Buffalo ExchangeTip #4: There’s always an exception!

Hopefully all the previous tips have helped describe that our buying process isn’t robotic.  There are always exceptions to what we buy and that’s why we always recommend; “If you’re not sure, bring it in! “ Our needs change daily, so call your local Buffalo Exchange to see what they are in need of everyday!

 Hope to see you soon!