4 Tips To Selling!

Buffalo Exchange DC Four tips to selling

By Buffalo Exchange Washington D.C. (14th St.)

We strive to have an inventory that speaks to a diverse customer base. We look to keep our racks varied and exciting, which means having a good mix of basics, classic or timeless pieces, hot and current trends, and fun unique items that you can’t find anywhere else. Sometimes that means bringing everything you’ve got. Check out our four tips to selling!

1. Check items for any condition issues.
A big factor in our selection process is the condition of each piece we see. Buyers are trained to check for any visible wear. We lay each item flat to check under the arms, along the seams, and along any collars. Missing buttons, broken zippers, twisted seams, or that sparkly glitter that some deodorants cause, make it difficult for us to resell items. We also look for any “pilling” aka small balls of fluff on the surface of the fabric. This usually happens through the normal washing and drying of clothing, but can also happen if a purse, jewelry, or a belt has constant contact with a specific area of the item. There are lots of ways to remove or prevent pilling, but sometimes it’s just a sign of a really loved item.

Buffalo Exchange D.C. employee
Buffalo Exchange DC Employee

2. Keep a ready-to-sell bag.
Start a designated ready-to-sell bag. We all have those items we took a risk on or bought on an impulse, but sometimes those items just take up space in your closet. You have to ask yourself “Do I really need this?” or “Will I like this next year?” If the answer is no, then in the bag it goes!

Buffalo Exchange DC selling process

3. If you have questions about the process, ask!
Our mission is for your trip to Buffalo Exchange to be profitable for everyone involved. We want to provide you with all the tools and education we can. Our buyers are full of information on fashion, trends, and our inventory. We are always happy to answer questions about pricing, selection, and what each store needs and is currently buying.

4. Make it a habit.
We are always looking for great inventory and practice makes perfect. The more you buy, sell, and trade with us the more you will increase your cash or store credit! Additionally, you’re more than likely to discover something amazing in our racks—we call it “the thrill of the find”. Every Buffalo Exchange regular has a story about their favorite thing from our store and most of them say making it a habit is key!

Buffalo Exchange DC clothing items


We love clothes, so don’t be shy. Whether its two Buffalo tote bags of impulse buys or four trash bags before a big move—we’re ready!

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