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A Buffalo on the Run

The weather is slowly but surely becoming more and more pleasant every day. What better way to celebrate then to get fit and challenge yourself??

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange Portland store manager Mo did just that! Running with a Buffalo Exchange sport jersey Mo took on the Urban Warrior Dash in San Diego.

“It was my first organized event.  It was a really fun 5K run with 13 intense obstacles along the way. “

Mo placed #387 out of 1,682 competitors and #26 out of 95 men in my age bracket.

Buffalo ExchangeWe asked Mo if this was a onetime deal.

“I used this race to put my toe in the water for future races.  I am signing up for The Spartan Dash and Spartan Race this summer.  They are both obstacle races that are more intense than the urban warrior dash. “

Were you born to run?

“I never pictured myself as a runner, but it is coming naturally to me.  Last Sunday the Shamrock Run 15K was my first official running event and I surpassed all of my goals, averaging a 7 minute 17 second mile.  I have my first 1/2 marathon on April 14th, in which I’ll be sporting the Buffalo Exchange jersey, and my first full marathon on June 1st. “

Buffalo Exchange

Any advice for other runners?

“When I first started someone gave me advice to make sure I look good and my performance would improve and I really believe it works.  Plus, if I’m out there and want to quit, I tell myself, if you quit now you have to walk home in spandex and you don’t want to walk home in spandex.  “