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Meet Nicole, Jewelry Maker, Music Lover, Master of Eclectic Style, and Floor Security Assistant at Buffalo Exchange Houston!

Nicole Murphy posing in front of a colorful wall, she is wearing a white blouse, striped overalls, a scarf tied on her neck and a hat

Nicole Murphy posing in front of a colorful wall, she is wearing a white blouse, striped overalls, a scarf tied on her neck and a hat

Nicole Murphy posing in front of a colorful wall, she is wearing a white blouse, striped overalls, a scarf tied on her neck and a hat


As a self-described ‘Army brat’, Nicole spent her childhood moving from place to place, including Arizona, before settling in Houston. Some of her favorite things about the city are its nightlife, public parks, ever-growing variety of new places to eat and exciting diversity: “It’s constantly growing — everybody brings a little something to Houston and it’s rich with different cultures and styles.” 

Long into fashion, Nicole describes her personal style as eclectic and ever-evolving. As a kid, she was into grunge — nowadays, vintage, Western and sustainable styles are her go-tos! Where does she find inspiration? “Sometimes, it’ll come at night while I’m looking in my closet and I’m always looking at Instagram and Pinterest. If I have a new piece and I’m wondering how to style it, I’ll watch old black-and-white movies for old glam Hollywood inspiration.”

Outside of work, Nicole’s hobbies are just as variable as her style: from jewelry-making to volunteering at Friends 4 Life Animal Rescue to grooving out to tunes from Prince and David Bowie. When it’s time to unwind, Nicole turns to spirituality podcasts and a holistic self-care routine (including snuggling her Jack Russell Terrier!)

Nicole’s Buffalo hiring story is a familiar one: 9 years ago while shopping in the store, an employee suggested Nicole apply. She wasn’t so sure at first —  “Everyone was so fashionable and cool!” But of course, with prior retail experience and a friendly personality, Nicole was a shoe-in for the job! Other than the sweet threads, Nicole’s favorite part about working at Buffalo is meeting new people. “When they come in, they like to tell me how they’re doing, and it’s cool seeing their kids grow up over the years. At other retail jobs, you’re zipping around doing this and that, but at Buffalo, I can take the time out to listen. Sometimes people just need to be heard, and if I can make a little bit of a difference, that enriches my life.” 

For Nicole, the key to success is finding your inner peace and remembering that you’re not in it alone: “Come in with an open mind and open heart, know who you are as a person, but also be willing to learn and grow. Find peace wherever you can, treat your store like a team and, while you’re putting your job first, don’t forget to put yourself first, too!” 

Interested in a job where you can dress the way you want, work with amazing people and talk about fashion all day, every day? Join the herd! We’re hiring Buyers, Cashiers, Associate Store Managers, Floor Security Assistants and more across the US and offer amazing perks like full healthcare coverage (even for part-timers), store discount, PTO, a 401 (k) matching program, profit-based bonuses and lots more. Stop by your local store or apply online!

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A Chat With Celia Conte: Store Manager Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)

What led you to work for Buffalo Exchange?

While in school, I was working other retail jobs, but I also couldn’t stop thrifting whenever I had a day off. I had been shopping at Buffalo since I was a sophomore in high school, when I found a fabulous tutu dress for a semiformal dance. I thought, “Why not get paid to look for those one-of-a-kind pieces?” So I applied!


What was your path to becoming a Store Manager?

Since I started at Buffalo, I was hooked on just how much I was learning every day. I couldn’t wait to share what I found out with my coworkers and learn from them as well. My Store Manager and Area Manager saw this in me and encouraged me to go for it. I wouldn’t be here today without their support.


What makes the Andersonville store unique?

The Andersonville community is so strong. They really want to see the businesses in their neighborhood thrive, so they come back to us again and again. The Chamber of Commerce also puts on festivals, sales and guides to help draw people in. Being newer in the area, it really made our store feel welcome and helped us succeed!


How would you describe your fashion style?

I’m more about outstanding pieces than a particular aesthetic. My closet spans from 50s vintage to modern sleek designer garb. If I can find the vintage piece that inspired the ones they’re making now, that’s my holy grail.


What advice has been the most meaningful to you?

“It’s just clothes.” It’s a reminder that our job is FUN and clothes are fun and that’s why everyone is here. Obviously, there’s more to the job than just clothes, but it helps me remember that I have the power to control my day! 


Want a job where you can work with friendly people, dress creatively, and be yourself? Stop into your local Buffalo or apply online and start your career in fashion! Bring your love of clothing and Buffalo will teach you the rest. 

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6 Summer Style Trends to Keep You Cool for the Summer


As the weather heats up, this year’s summer style trends are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling cool. The best part? They’re easier to put together than ever. From bright colors, patterns and textures to classic Americana and some seriously nostalgic throwbacks, these trends aren’t about playing it safe – they’re about playing it up and wearing what makes you feel the most you! Read on for some of our fav warm-weather styles – all available at a Buffalo near you.


six photos showing jumpsuits; top left: floral two piece, top middle: two piece green set, top right: strawberry jumpsuit, bottom left: green one piece jumpsuit, bottom middle: two piece gingham jacket with shorts, bottom right: two piece leopard set with leopard tie

One and Done 

This one-and-done summer style trend is about trading in your track suits for a more tailored matching suits and jump suits. The one and done is making a comeback for a second year, proving not all trends are fleeting, and this trend is back and bigger than ever. The matching set is effortlessly stylish, and just like the ease of a jumpsuit the foundation allows for you to keep it simple or have some fun by adding coordinating accessories to you co-ord look. This year we see the addition of cut-outs and is sure to be one of the hottest looks this summer.



A collection of 6 images showing Y2K style: top row is crop tops, paired with low rise jeans and a bucket hat, a midi skirt, and a person jumping in a pastel purple set; bottom row is Y2K patterns printed on a dress and denim pants, platform shoes, and a bucket hat

Y2K is Here to Stay

Think platforms, bucket hats, metallic, smiley faces, flames, yin yangs and butterflies–did that list give you an early aughts flashback? If you’re feeling nostalgic, you’re in luck: Y2K is here for the summer! This summer style trend is all about having fun and bringing out your inner child with butterfly hair clips, fuzzy bucket hats, crop tops, platforms and more. 


A series of six photos showing brightly colored outfits and accessories; top left: a bright yellow dress with pink flowers, top middle: rainbow crop top and bright floral maxi skirt, top right: lacy outfits paired with butterfly flared pants, bottom left: bold crop top and rainbow overalls, bottom middle: neon floral and neon striped dresses, and bottom right matching fuzzy cloud two-piece set

Summer Style Trends to the Max

While we still love a monochromatic look, we can’t deny our passion for all things bright and bold and colorful. Maximalism, a.k.a. Dopamine Dressing, is about getting dressed up, having fun and maximizing your style with bright colors, bold patterns and fun textures. The best part about this summer style trend? It has no rules – mix and match or don’t match at all! The trick is finding a few common colors or patterns to repeat throughout. Most importantly: if it makes you feel good, wear it. You might be surprised how much a feel-good outfit could wind up brightening up your day (and the day of those around you)!


six photos showing tailored, timeless outfits including a red corset top paired with a red slip skirt, a yellow suit, a silk head scarf with vintage glasses and an orange blouse with glass buttons, a brightly patterned vintage silk blouse, statement sleeves with structured pants, and two women wearing trousers paired with a structured shirt and a collar

Low-Key Luxury

After two years in loungewear it’s no surprise that everyone is ready to get out and dress to impress. But while some are going the maximalist route, others are opting for low-key luxury. This summer style trend isn’t about breaking the bank – it’s more about finding timeless pieces that elevate your look with minimal effort. Layer a classic button-up or suit jacket over your athleisure items or play with silk blouses and head scarves, corsets, lace, tailored trousers and statement sleeves. These pieces will keep you feeling like a million bucks long beyond the summer season.


six photos showing people wearing longer length shorts; top row is three denim mid-length shorts, and bottom row shows pink shorts, grey gender-neutral shorts, and striped cargo shorts

The Short Report

Since the announcement that skinny jeans have been surpassed by bigger, baggier pants (RIP, sorry millennials), it’s no surprise that the same goes for their shorter counterparts. This summer, trade in your short shorts for looser, mid-length denim cut-offs, bermudas and cargos. The key to this trend is playing with proportions! Pair these with a crop top and an oversize button for an easy summer outfit. 


six photos showing western accessories, including: cowboy hats, red saguaro cowboy boots, a man wearing pink overalls with a pink cowboy hat, a patchwork dress, two men wearing denim and bandanas, and a red t-shirt dress being paired with white cowboy boots

Americana Accessories

This summer accessory trend is giving a fun twist on the Wild Western classics–bright colored Western hats, metallic or decorative cowboy boots, bolo ties as necklaces and cow print everything. There are lots of fun ways to mix-up and mix in this Americana aesthetic, but if you’d rather go more tried-and-true over trendy, opt for flowy maxi dresses, beautiful silver or turquoise jewelry, a bandana with your Levi’s, or cowboy boots with just about anything to add a bit of western flair to any outfit!


Whether you’re all about the nostalgic Y2K feels and you’re on the hunt for the perfect bucket hat or you’re searching for a go-to pair of boots to finish off your Americana aesthetic, stop by your local Buffalo. We’re fully stocked for the summer with warm weather essentials like shorts, breezy dresses, classic tees, short-sleeved button-downs, sunglasses, hats, casual sneakers and sandals. Looking to up your summer style game without going on a spending spree? Bring in your closet cleanout and grab cash or trade for your past favorites. There’s no appointment needed to sell, so stop in anytime!

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Bring a Friend, Get $5 on Sunday Funday at Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa!

Sunday Scaries? No, thanks — we’re all about Sunday Funday at Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa! Now through May 31st, bring a buddy who’s never shopped at Buffalo Exchange and score a sweet $5 off coupon for each of you. With summer on the way, now is a great time to revamp your warm-weather wardrobe! Our store is fully stocked with shorts, skirts, lightweight breezy button-downs and blouses, dresses and more to supply you with enough summer style to last all season long. 

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa is the perfect shopping destination for friends: nestled in The LAB Anti Mall, you can make an entire day out of your trip by grabbing a bite at eateries like Baba’s Chicken or Habana, growing your green thumb at Plant Matter Shop, checking out awesome vinyl albums at Creme Tangerine Records and recharging with a cool refreshment from Nook Coffee on your way out. 

Before you go, consider taking a look through your closet to see if you have any extra clothes, shoes and accessories you’re not wearing — your closet cleanout could become cash or trade to put towards the sweet secondhand pieces you’ll find in store! Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa buys all day on Sundays (and every day of the week!) with no appointment required. We can’t wait for you to stop by!

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Never too Late for Spring Cleaning: Sell Your Closet Cleanout at Buffalo Exchange!

Has your spring cleaning lingered into summer? If your closet is filled with an excess of warm-weather clothes, shoes and accessories, clean it out and make some cool cash in the process by selling at Buffalo Exchange! We’re ready to turn up the heat with short sleeved button-downs and blouses, casual tees, shorts, skirts, dresses and more. We’re also looking for sneakers, sandals, sunglasses, hats…basically any accessory you’d wear from the beach to the street! Rather hold on to your summer things for the time being? We totally get that, which is why we buy the best of all seasons year round! For anything we buy, you’ll receive 25% back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards a hot new look for the season. Summer’s only here for a short while, so make the most out of your closet cleanout and walk in to refresh your wardrobe at your local Buffalo Exchange today!

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Soak Up The Sun in Style: Shop for Summer at Buffalo Exchange!

Things are heating up, and we don’t just mean the weather — if you’re in need of a fresh look for the upcoming season, shop at your local Buffalo Exchange! Whether you’ll be jet setting around with just a carry-on’s worth of clothes or relaxing in your own backyard, we have the best selection of current, stylish pieces to keep you feeling and looking cool wherever your plans take you. While you’re assembling your wardrobe of warm weather essentials like shorts, skirts, breezy dresses, classic tees and short-sleeved button-downs and blouses, don’t forget to finish your looks with sunglasses, hats, casual sneakers and sandals. 

Before you stop in to shop, take a look through your own closet for clothes, shoes and accessories that you haven’t worn recently — those great styles you’re sitting on could become 50% back in trade to spend on your new look or 25% cash to put towards your next summer adventure! Buffalo Exchange buys all day, every day, and we can’t wait to see what you bring.

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Thanks for Supporting the Pollinator Partnership By Shopping Our Earth Day $1 Sale!


Did you shop the $1 Sale at Buffalo Exchange on Earth Day weekend? If so, give yourself a pat on the back: thanks to secondhand-savvy shoppers like yourself, we raised $39,293 for Pollinator Partnership, the world’s leading non-profit dedicated to improving the health and habitats of pollinators in North America and around the globe! Psst… now’s the perfect time to plant your pollinator-friendly garden. If you’re looking to foster your green thumb, check out Pollinator Partnership’s regional planting guides.

Woman wearing floral skirt set holds a Buffalo Exchange tote bag standing in front of a pop up canopy

On Saturday, April 23rd, customers around the country queued up at their local Buffalo Exchange stores to shop a special selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for just $1 apiece. Rising early to arrive with dollar bills in hand and empty tote bags in-tow, these shoppers knew this $1 Sale would be too good to miss. Luckily, despite a few drops of rain here and there, Saturday was a beautiful day and the sale went off without a hitch! 

Crowd of people standing in front of Buffalo Exchange New Orleans's teal exterior

As the first Earth Day $1 Sale after a 2-year hiatus, this year’s sale was all the more special. Tons of excited customers came out to put their dollars to excellent use and support The Pollinator Partnership. Since starting this sale in 1997, our Earth Day $1 sales have raised upwards of $757,694 for a variety of animal and environmental causes. In recent years, the $1 sale brought in over $50,000 apiece for The 5 Gyres Institute, which works to reduce microplastics in our oceans, and The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team.

Two people smiling stand next to each other holding armfuls of clothes

If you didn’t get a chance to shop this year, don’t fall to the FOMO just yet  — we’ll be back in April 2023 with another great environmental organization to support! And remember, you can celebrate the earth year-round by selling your closet cleanout and shopping sustainably at Buffalo Exchange. Shopping secondhand keeps clothing out of landfills and reduces pollution! Plus, with each shopping trip, you’ll have the chance to donate 5 cents to one of several local non-profits doing good in your community through our Tokens for Bags® program. Don’t think 5 cents can make a difference? Since 1994, Tokens for Bags® has raised over $893,860 for thousands of non-profits nationwide and kept over 17.8 plastic bags from polluting the environment. If you’re interested in letting your closet cleanout spark joy for someone new, we buy from open to close, 7 days a week, no appointment necessary. Stop in anytime!