Buffalo Exchange Unique Costume Ideas, Daily

Unique Costume Ideas for Every Spooky Occasion

Welcome back to our Costume of the Day series! From now until Halloween, we’ll be posting new unique costume ideas daily, all created out of items found at Buffalo Exchange. We’re brewing up some scary good ideas for you guys, so be sure to check back regularly! Now that you mention it…we actually really enjoy coming up with costumes. So need a hand? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange! We have designated Costume Stylists on hand daily to help you make your Halloween dreams a reality. Just look for an employee wearing a Costume Stylist name badge.

Keep It Fresh!

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Costume

Take some fashion inspiration from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and dress up as the Banks Family for Halloween. Get together a few of your friends, pick up some 90s gear from Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa and be sure to practice the theme song! “In West Philadelphia, born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days…”

Spice for Life

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Florida Unique Costume Ideas Spice Girls

Another take on the Spice Girls from Buffalo Exchange Florida! You really can’t go wrong with this 90s group costume. Bust out some group choreography to really make an impression this Halloween!

To Be or Not to Be

Halloween Unique Costume Ideas

Still don’t know what to be this Halloween? Then take a page out of the old bard’s book and dress as Hamlet or any renaissance character.  Find a poofy sleeved shirt for men and be sure throw on those tights! Accessorize by carrying around a skull like we did at Buffalo Exchange Bellingham. Romeo and Juliet also makes a great – but tragic – couples costume.

The Coven

Buffalo Exchange Halloween

Channel your American Horror Story fandom into a simple – but effective – Coven look this Halloween. To create these looks at Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, we threw on as much black as possible – dresses, tights, hats and boots – and then posed in front of the genuine Coven house. It may not be quite as easy to find a sweet old mansion if you live outside of NOLA, but guaranteed you can put one of these monochromatic looks together in no time.

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Buffalo Exchange Charity Animal Haven NYC

Cuddle Up with Brooklyn’s Tokens for Bags® Beneficiary, Animal Haven NYC

By Danielle Hargett, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Our Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn stores (Boerum Hill and Williamsburg) not only offer a variety of designer and vintage recycled clothing, they also give customers the chance take part in our Tokens for Bags® program every time they shop. Instead of receiving a plastic bag with each purchase, customers receive a 5 cent token to donate one of 3 rotating local nonprofits. This year, our Brooklyn locations have selected Animal Haven NYC as one of their program beneficiaries.

Big Cuddles in the Big Apple

The hustle and bustle of living in NYC can wear you down over time. Luckily, with a mission to find homes for abandoned cats and dogs, Animal Haven NYC gives city dwellers the opportunity to find comfort through cuddles with a new furry best friend! What better way to end a busy day than by snuggling a rescued fur baby?

Buffalo Exchange Animal Haven NYC Puppy

Animal Haven NYC: Safe Haven until Forever Home

Animal Haven NYC opened its doors in 1967 and has been finding homes for homeless cats and dogs ever since. As a no-kill animal shelter, the nonprofit firmly believes in caring for their animals until they can find them the purrfect forever home. In some cases, they even provide animal behavior intervention to increase chances of adoption.

Buffalo Exchange Animal Haven  NYC Dog

More Than Just An Animal Shelter

In addition to finding homes for cats and dogs, Animal Haven NYC actively educates children about animal welfare, raises awareness about the human-animal bond and serves as a resource for pet owners in need of assistance. Through its Caring Kids program, the nonprofit teaches children about existing issues with animal welfare and ultimately encourages them to become animal advocates in their community.

Animal Haven NYC also has programs like Helping Pets and People in Crisis and the Pet Assistance and Resource Center. These provide emergency planning assistance and help people hold onto their pets  when unexpected circumstances arise.

Buffalo Exchange Animal Haven NYC Kittens

Interested in finally taking home the pet you’ve always longed for?  Learn more about Animal Haven NYC’s adoption process and view photos of animals that are currently in need of homes. Not able to support a pet just yet? Come by Buffalo Exchange Boerum Hill or Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg and donate your 5 cent token at checkout!

Buffalo Exchange Chris Soto Manager

A Different Kind of Fashion Job

Most Buffalo Exchange employees’ stories with the herd don’t start the day they’re hired – many have a history of shopping and selling in their local store, often starting from childhood. Chris Soto is no exception to that. Who knew that this girl along for a shopping trip with her mom at the original Buffalo Exchange would one day be the Store Manager?

A Fashion Job Where You Can Grow

Chris was going to school at her local community college in Tucson for Retailing and Fashion Consumer Science, where one of her professors shared about the success of Buffalo Exchange.  This sparked her interest in the company, but it wasn’t until she read an article in a local Tucson magazine that highlighted the mother-daughter duo that is our owners, Kerstin and Rebecca, that she realized that Buffalo might be exactly what she was looking for. She’d had enough of working in the pushy sales-driven department store environment and applied at the Tucson location.

She was hired in 2014 as a Buyer, and quickly grew her love for the company. She loved that, from the get-go, she was presented with opportunities to learn and grow in her position. In 2015 she became the Store Manager. Although she’s only been a manager for a couple of years, she’s already been able to shine in this position, such as being awarded as one of our 2016 Managers of the Year.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson A Different Kind of Fashion Job

A Fashion Job That Celebrates Individuality

Chris has learned a lot in her time with Buffalo Exchange. One of the most important things to her is valuing her staff. She has learned from her own managers that her employees are her biggest asset and that recognizing hard work is a vital part of being a manager. Even as our company has grown across the country, we still celebrate individuality, which is what makes the experience in each store feel personal and unique. Chris tells new Buyers, “Never lose your passion for fashion. Stay bright-eyed and keep having fun with it.” This is her idea of a recipe for success.

Do you want a fashion job where you can grow and celebrate individuality? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange or apply online today. We are always looking for fun, friendly people to join our team. This is not your regular retail job!

Buffalo Exchange KGW


KGW Portland featured Linda Hjorth, Store Manager of Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown), in a segment titled “Fall Thrift Store Finds” on October 23, 2017. “Go in and be open to possibilities … the great thing is we’re always getting new stuff every day… We’re always buying all seasons, all year round, so you don’t have to wait and hold your summer pieces until next summer. If it’s something that we can buy for the store, that will sell for us either now or later, we will buy it,” says Linda Hjorth.

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes That Make a Statement

Photos By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

Halloween should be fun, first and foremost, so don’t stress out too much about finding something to wear! There’s a costume out there for everyone, from complicated cosplay to simple signature looks. Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas brought to you by Buffalo Exchange Berkeley. The best part about these is that you can dress them up as much as you want, depending on your Halloween style!

Where’s Waldo              

Buffalo Exchange Where's Waldo Costume


Waldo’s iconic striped shirt, hat and blue jeans will be recognizable to almost everyone – if they can find you! To get even wilder, gather a large group of Waldos together for a real-life Where’s Waldo – be sure to get pictures of all of you doing silly things just like in the books! This is an easy Halloween costume that will cost you almost nothing.

We Come in Peace

Buffalo Exchange Alien Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes that give you and outlet to be creative are even better – so why not be an alien? No one can say what works or doesn’t when it comes to the extraterrestrial, so play around with textures and colors. Add a mask or a helmet and you’re a bonafide robot alien hybrid! We recommend sparkly, metallic, bright accessories because, if aliens are real, they’re definitely down to disco.


Buffalo Exchange 1920s Halloween Costume

Effortless and elegant? Say no more! Try out an easy Halloween costume that still makes you the most glamorous  person in the room – a flapper! Decade looks are always a Halloween hit and 1920s flappers are no exception. All you need is a dress that you feel great in (velvet or fringe work well), some pearls and a headband. There are no limits to how detailed you can get with a costume like this – add gloves, feathers, sequin bags and makeup or keep it simple. Either way, you’ll look good and have a great Halloween!

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Buffalo Exchange Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Using Everyday Clothing

By Buffalo Exchange HQ and Buffalo Exchange Eugene

The beauty of shopping for Halloween costumes at Buffalo Exchange is that we have everything you need to create your costume – from the everyday clothing items that form the basis of a look to the costume accessories that really bring it to life. Plus, our Costume Stylists can help you put together your entire last-minute Halloween look. Read on for some easy ideas!


Buffalo Exchange Librarian Halloween Costume

What a classic! Pair a pencil skirt with a button-down blouse, cardigan and oversized readers to get the look. If you’re missing one or more of these, check your local Buffalo to see what they’ve got. Added bonus for props like an old book or pencils in your chest pocket.


Buffalo Exchange Rugrats Halloween Costume

For Didi Pickles, aka the Rugrats mom, find a basic red dress. You’ll just need to add green glasses, a yellow necklace and a wig. This makes for a good couples costume as well! You can create Stu Pickles with a green button-up, a blazer and a polka dot tie, which can easily be DIY’d or found at your local Buffalo.

80s Aerobics Instructor

Buffalo Exchange 80s Halloween Costume

Here’s another last-minute Halloween costume that never fails! Get your 80s workout instructor on with a pair of leggings, a one-piece swimsuit and sneakers. For a little extra oomph, add a scrunchie or sweatbands and don’t forget that side ponytail! This one’s also comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

Bob’s Burgers

Buffalo Exchange Bob's Burgers Halloween Costume

The Bob’s Burgers cast is one of the easiest to replicate with street clothes – and makes for a great group costume as well!

For Linda: Find a long-sleeved red or orange tee, a white waist apron (could be DIY’d out of a white skirt) and red glasses. Throw on a pair of Converse or Vans, part your hair down the center and voila!

For Bob: You’ll need gray slacks, a white tee and dark-colored shoes. With a mustache and a fake burger (optional, but a pretty good prop), the costume is complete!

For Louise: This one’s super simple – all you need is a green dress and a pink hat. You can even DIY the ears on the hat with pink felt.

For Tina: You can find a blue tee and a denim skirt by shopping the racks at Buffalo. Just add a pair of black-framed glasses, tube socks and a yellow barrette.

For Gene: Yellow tee, denim shorts, red Converse. ‘Nuff said.

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Buffalo Exchange Fall and Winter 2017 Styles

Extra, Extra! Now Announcing the Fall/Winter Zine!

As fall gets its groove on, we’re proud to announce our new Fall/Winter zine, in stores now. For this edition, our capsule wardrobe gets a cool-weather update and we share styles from across the country, including outdoorsy looks straight from Eugene, Oregon and a must-see Solange editorial from Houston, Texas. Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange to pick up a free copy or read it online!

Don’t Touch My Style

Buffalo Exchange Fall Style Zine

If you’re as Solange-obsessed as we are, you’re going to love this one! Personally, we can’t get over the way she throws all the rules out the window to create daring looks that are always on point. In this piece, we put together a variety of looks inspired by Solange Knowles, featuring metallics, bold prints and interesting silhouettes.

Go Minimalist

Buffalo Exchange Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Find out how to put together a 35-piece wardrobe that’ll keep you going all the way through to spring. For this season, we updated our capsule wardrobe with cool-weather colorways and our favorite fall silhouettes.

Style Stars

Buffalo Exchange Fall Zine StylecroneBuffalo Exchange Fall Zine Feature

Take a look into the lives and wardrobes of Instagram all-stars @StyleCrone and @TheBaydianGirl. One glimpse of their bright, radiant outfits and you’ll be Insta-stalking them on the regular.

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Buffalo Exchange Shopaholic-Turned-Tradeaholic

Spend Less, Score More: Confessions of a Shopaholic-Turned-Tradeaholic

By Savannah Timpani, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Yes, it’s true – a tradeaholic is a real thing. A tradeaholic, though, is quite different from a shopaholic. We LOVE shopping, but we get to enjoy it without all the negatives. For instance, we don’t have to jeopardize our bank accounts for that pair of boots we just HAVE TO HAVE. Instead, we tradeaholics have the luxury of sustaining our fashion finances by trading in our past favorites for new finds at resale stores like Buffalo Exchange, where our craving for new styles is indulged by the constantly changing inventory.

Here are the top four reasons why I’m proud to be a resale tradeaholic:

A Shopaholic-Sized Wardrobe without the Cost

Buffalo Exchange Tradeaholic Closet

Let’s be real. Who isn’t on a budget these days? Even with a steady income, bills, bills and more bills creep through on a daily basis. With so many responsibilities, there isn’t a whole lot left over to dedicate solely to fashion. Hence, the miracle of trade. No need to have all the cash in the world for a shopping spree. Instead, look through that closet and load up a bag of past favorites to sell at your favorite resale shop. Trade in for store credit towards some need-to-have pieces and VOILA, tradeaholic status here we come.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Buffalo Exchange Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Saving the planet by trading out my closet? I’m in! By shopping secondhand, I can help reduce waste created from clothing pollution and manufacturing demands. Sounds like a win-win for Mother Nature and my ever-evolving wardrobe.

Upgrading Your Wardrobe is Quick and Easy

Buffalo Exchange Trade your Wardrobe

By shopping resale, I never have to wait to find new pieces. Ever.  Each and every day, resale stores get new inventory. Mind blown? Yeah, I feel you. Any time they’re open, Buffalo Exchange has Buyers busy selecting new pieces for the store. They offer sellers 25% of their price in cash or 50% in trade on-the-spot and then get the items out onto the sales floor that same day. They move so fast that I’ve shopped there in the morning, afternoon and evening all in one day and found new stuff every time. Clearly, the work of a tradeaholic is never done!

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Casual Date Night Outfits for the Guys

By Buffalo Exchange Austin

Casual date night outfits are easy for the gals: all it takes is amping up the glam a bit and maybe adding some jewelry. Voila! But what about the guys? Here at Buffalo Exchange Austin, we  show you how to transition your look from day to night by adding just a few pieces.

Casual Date Night Outfits, Harley Style

Buffalo Exchange Austin Casual Date Night Outfits for the Guys Harley Davidson

For the daytime, Jeordon keeps cool and casual in a sleeveless vintage Harley Davidson tee paired with classic vintage Levi’s and sunnies for that Texas heat. When he heads out for the night, all he has to do is throw on his favorite leather moto jacket and a hat to dress up the look.

Southwest Style Star

Buffalo Exchange Austin Casual Date Night Outfits for the Guys Southwest

Here’s a look that is 100% Southwest – and super easy to transition from day to night! For day, Ben wears white Levi’s, a white Guess shirt and a bold vintage necklace. When the sun goes down, he puts on his suede vest before meeting up with his date to see some of the city’s coolest indie shows, where he’s often mistaken for part of the band. This just goes to show how easy it is to switch up your look with a single layer!

When in Doubt, Keep It ClassicBuffalo Exchange Austin Casual Date Night Outfits for the Guys Athleisure Classic Chic

This is one of the most classic of all the casual date night outfits. To start off, Ken rocks minimal black joggers styled with a color blocked chambray shirt. His bright red sneakers and Herschel backpack are perfect for a day on campus. Later in the evening, all he needs to do is swap his sneakers for black leather loafers and throw on his vintage Members Only jacket and a denim tie. There you have it – casual to snazzy in just three pieces!

If you’re anything like us, your schedule is packed full of work, classes and social engagements. Going home and completely changing before heading out for the night? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, stop by Buffalo Exchange. We can help you find the perfect accessories and layering pieces to turn your daytime looks into a variety of casual date night outfits. Just throw ‘em in your bag when you leave in the morning and you’ll be ready for any occasion.