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Finding My Personal Style

By: Christina Hebets, Buffalo Exchange HQ

I am a numbers person, the ultimate problem solver and, until recently, fairly fashion illiterate.  Fresh out of college, I came to Buffalo Exchange Headquarters for the opportunity to grow my career and jump head first into the working world. It didn’t take long before the fashion energy around me became contagious. In order to embrace my new environment and grow as a person, I decided to make it a goal for myself to “find my personal style”.

The Back Story: Before I Found My Personal Style

Buffalo Exchange Personal Style

Buffalo Exchange Personal Style Hiking
Hiking Machu Picchu, Peru
Buffalo Exchange Personal Style Hiking 2
Rock Climbing in Krabi, Thailand

I am an avid rock climber, hiker and overall adventure seeker, so it had been a long time since I had thought of clothes as anything more than a necessity or protection against the elements.  As I looked at my old wardrobe, it seemed to range anywhere from high school clothes to comfy pants with holes and, most prevalently, athletic garb. Now that I had a grown-up job, I knew that it was time for the dreaded closet upgrade, but I didn’t know where to start.

I decided to begin with the most comfortable first step I could think of: a closet makeover. I feel stressed with clutter, so I couldn’t wait for a clothing purge.  If I hadn’t worn it recently, gone. If it didn’t fit, gone. And most importantly, if I didn’t feel good in it, GONE! It was like getting a haircut – I felt lighter and freer immediately.

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Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Vintage Styles

More than a Vintage Store: Mixing Modern with Vintage

By Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

Here at Buffalo Exchange, we take pride in being a vintage store in addition to reselling current trends and staples. In fact, we love mixing vintage with modern. Some people love pieces that hail from decades past but feel like they don’t know how to style them for every day. When you mix and match, vintage can actually add a timeless feel to your wardrobe.  Added bonus: you probably won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing!

Vintage Store Finds: The 40s

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Vintage 40sBuffalo Exchange Albuquerque Vintage Dress 40s

Finds from the 1940s are rare, so we were particularly proud to have these elegant pieces on our racks. To style them for 2017, we paired with modern footwear and plenty of fun accessories. Whether you have a movie premier on your calendar or a Friday night date, these looks are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Vintage Store Finds: The 50s

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Vintage Dress 50s

We love this adorable sky blue 50s number! For this one, we decided to go full-on vintage with a fun hat and made it modern by adding one of the most popular colors of the year – pink.

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Seattle Weekly mentioned Buffalo Exchange in an article titled, “The Markets, Shops, and Stores Well Worth Your While” on August 2, 2017. “…The very first Buffalo Exchange was opened in Tucson, Ariz., back in 1974. Now there are 49 stores in 20 states, including two in Seattle (one in the U District, one in Ballard), and it still ranks as one of the coolest and most affordable shops for stocking your wardrobe with things you’d actually wear. …”