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5 Steps to Having an Unforgettable 4th of July!

By Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)

It’s that time of year again! Summer brings warm weather, adventures and, of course, the 4th of July. Don’t let this year’s Independence Day fizzle out. Light up your holiday with these 5 steps for making this 4th of July one to remember!

Step #1: Find a look that’s on fire!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn July 4th look

We always buy in the hottest trends and unique finds here at Buffalo Exchange. You know what that means? It means WE GOT YOU! Stop into one of our stores and have a peek at our inventory. There’s a high chance we have what you’re looking for, whatever it may be!

Step #2: Do it for the ‘Gram!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn July 4th Outfit

Now that you found the perfect outfit, grab your BFF and snap away! The goal is to produce the most epic Instagram pic ever.  Use props or contort yourself into the most ridiculous poses. The crazier you get, the more fun you’ll have. Of course, the main goal is to show off the awesome ‘fit you put together! This photo will you earn you all the likes, but more importantly, it will give you and your BFF something to remember the holiday with.

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Buffalo Exchange DIY Art

Brighten Things Up with DIY Art

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

White, cream or beige. Wherever you call home, chances are your walls wear one of these shades of neutral. Ah, but if you listen, you can hear those walls, just screaming for a pop of color. A vibrant, monster-sized painting – that would certainly do the trick. But who has the money for that? Luckily, there’s a better option. And yes, dear friend, that option is you. What’s that, you say? You’re no artist? With DIY Art, it doesn’t matter one bit.

The Ikea-ization of today’s modern furnishings have made clean, simple lines the style of the day. The artistic form that embodies this style is Minimalism – which, luckily for us, is a piece of cake to replicate (seriously, read on and I’ll show you).

Buffalo Exchange DIY Art

Plan of Attack

The first thing you need is something to paint on. There are multiple ways you can go. You can hit up a chain craft supply store that has 50% off coupons on a weekly basis and buy yourself a big ‘ol canvas. Or you can acquire an inexpensive painting at a thrift store and shamelessly paint right over it. Heck, you can even repurpose scrap building supplies (a discarded door can make for a cool painting surface).

Next, you need to settle upon a design. A quick dive into “minimalist painters” will get the wheels turning, but really, as long as you keep it simple, most any design you can conjure should fit the bill. Straight lines are key here, since painter’s tape will be doing the heavy lifting. Now think about the colors you want to use. Look around the room and see if the existing furnishings give you clues. You want a painting that adds pop, but you don’t want it to seem out of place.

Buffalo Exchange DIY Art Set Up

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Arizona Daily Star Logo


Arizona Daily Star featured Buffalo Exchange in an Article titled “Ultimate Summer of Love Celebration” on June 24, 2017. “Flashback to 1967 and The Summer of Love at an outdoor screening of the newly restored Rock ‘n Roll documentary classic — ‘Monterey Pop.’ … Up the fun by rocking some groovy vintage threads from the Buffalo Exchange, with locations at 2001 E. Speedway and at the Buffalo Trading Post, 2740 S. Kinney Road, in Cat Mountain Station at Naomi Road, 2 miles north of Ajo Way.”

4 Festival Outfits to Wear Now

By Buffalo Exchange Tempe

Music is in the air! Do you have your summer festival outfit yet? This year, denim cutoffs, fringe and flower crowns are still on the scene, but we’re also seeing plenty of street styles emerge for an effortlessly cool look. Never fear – unique vintage, embroidery and bell bottoms are still essential players! Whatever your favorite summer festival, we bring you our top 4 looks to rock out in style.

That 70s Look

First time festival goer? No problem! Pair your favorite band tee with some light wash flares and then finish off your look with a vintage handkerchief and rad turquoise accessories for a super 70s look. Never be afraid to show off your sense of style at your first festival: this is your right of passage!

Vintage Gal

If you want to go for a chic vintage vibe, pair your favorite 70s dress with a long suede coat (late-night festivals can get a bit chilly, even in the heat of summer!). Make this outfit stand out even more with some statement jewelry and trendy denim boots.

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Summer Travel Packing Tips

By Christina Hebets, Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Travel can be stressful, but the payoff is worth it. Make it easier on yourself and your baggage with these 4 simple tips, then find out our favorite pieces to pack:

  1. Pack Your Dense Clothing First: Most suitcases have grooves and notches on the bottom, making for uneven packing space. Use your denim and puffier clothing to fill the gaps and add padding for the rest of your items. Bonus: you won’t have to figure out how to stuff those in at the end if you pack them first. For other clothing items, roll them up tightly rather than folding them to save on space.
  2. Stuff Those Shoes: The inside of a shoe is just wasted space if left unused. Stuff your socks and delicates in there to hold the shoe’s shape and use every square inch. This is also a great way to protect jewelry!
  3. Leave Room for Souvenirs (More Shopping, Anyone?): It is always tempting to stuff your bags to the brim, but trust me, it’s worth leaving some room. Hit up your local Buffalo Exchange while you’re jet-setting and bring home some new styles, local to your destination.
  4. Wear It More Than Once: Durable clothes, especially jeans and bottoms, can easily be worn more than once. If you pack items that can mix and match, you can create a bunch of outfits from just a handful of pieces.   Plus, you’ll be happy for the extra room and lighter baggage.

Here are some of our favorite fashions to pack:

Denim (always):

Denim basics are versatile and easily combined with the latest trends – think embroidery, patches and more! Whether you prefer to wear your denim in the form of jeans, a jacket or even a skirt, it’s guaranteed to match everything. You can even do denim on denim. The fabric is somewhat heavier to carry, but its durability makes it a staple item for any travel wardrobe.

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Distressed Denim

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Packing Tips Embroidered Denim Jacket

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Buffalo Exchange Sounding Smarter

1 Simple Tip to Sounding Smarter

by Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re already a smart person (you shop at Buffalo, so of course). But we can all agree that there is a difference between being smart and sounding smart. The path from frontal lobe to tip of the tongue is short but slippery. Even our most insightful ideas can land with a thud. It’s all about packaging – the words we choose to convey our point. And, if you’re like me, we can become a bit lazy when it comes to those words we choose, often grabbing the closest term in our mental cupboard.

Scrabble Revelations

Recently, while playing Scrabble with friends, I added a twist to the rules: we could only play words that everyone agreed we personally might use in everyday conversation. My thinking was that it would eliminate those tedious dictionary dives to answer the age old Scrabble question, “Is that REALLY a word?” The rule change was effective in speeding up the game, but also had the unintended side effect of highlighting how limited our conversational vocabularies were.

Fortunately, if we crack open the communication toolbox we’ll find an easy-to-use jumper cable that can spark us back into sounding like the smart people we are.

Say the Magic Word

So what’s the magic word? The one that will raise our perceived IQ to that of a pipe-smoking, elbow patch-sporting, British accent-wielding professor? There is none. However, to get back into smart-sounding shape, we can start by eliminating a single word from our conversational diet.Full Story

Be Your Own Hero: Life Lessons from My Dad

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Growing up, I followed my dad around like a little duckling. When he ate a peanut butter sandwich, I ate a peanut butter sandwich. When he worked in the garden, I worked in the garden. When he wanted to go the hardware store, I pretended I wanted to go too. If you knew my dad, you’d understand why: as a jazz trumpet player, sailor, winemaker and weekend adventurer, not to mention a Financial Manager and father of two, he is a pretty cool dude.

The funny thing is, when it comes to personality, we couldn’t be more different. Where he is steady, I am constantly changing my mind. Where he is measured, thinking for sometimes five minutes before he speaks, I am impulsive, most often leaping before I look. Where he is calm and logical, I am a ball of emotions. When it comes to personal philosophy, though, we are one and the same. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons from my dad and I owe many of my ethics and values to him.

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No Doubt About It: 90s Style is Alive in Philadelphia

By Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

It’s safe to say that 90s style is making a huge comeback, especially when mixed with current streetwear for a fresh take on old classics. When we think 90s, we think No Doubt, so we put together a whole host of looks based on one of our favorite musical groups. What are you waiting for? It’s time to dust the Spiderwebs off of your retro wardrobe and start Running to your nearest Buffalo Exchange to pay homage to this iconic time period in fashion.

Rock Steady Princesses

Late 90s style was characterized by punk plaids, tight tanks and parachute pants. No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani served as a huge inspiration for these Rock Steady punk princess looks! To create your own version of these outfits, play around with plaid skirts or blazers, lace-up details and fishnet anything. Top them off with combat boots or platforms, choker necklaces and velvet accessories.

Tommy Girl

This look incorporates two of our favorite 90s trends – Tommy Hilfiger pieces and camo pants. If you haven’t picked up a pair of camo pants yet, now’s the time! We’ve been seeing them in a variety of bright colors at Buffalo Exchange stores across the US. Complete this look with a fitted mesh tee layered under a brightly colored bralette and kick back on your Sunday Morning!Full Story

Buffalo Exchange Boston Somerville Wardrobe Essentials

Spring to Summer Wardrobe Essentials

By Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)

Now that it’s warm out and the full heat of summer is on the horizon, you may find yourself with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. We took three spring/summer wardrobe essentials – overalls, lightweight pants and a bodysuit – and styled them for balmy 70-degree days and hot-hot-hot 90-degree days alike. Make your spring wardrobe work for the new season with these tips!

Overall, a Great Look

Buffalo Exchange Boston Somerville Wardrobe Essentials Overalls

First up, we went for the most popular item of the season – overalls!  For those days when the weather’s still sticking in the 70s, we layered these denim cut-off overalls over a ribbed sweater (oh hey, 90s fashion) and threw on a quilted, satin bomber from Topshop.  To amp this look up for 90-degree days, we swapped out the warmer sweater for a fun knit crop top in a bright color. Throw on some sweet shades with metallic sandals and you’re ready for summer fun!

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Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Florida Christian Portilla Snakeskin Boots

South Florida Style: Meet Journalist Christian Portilla

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ; Photos  by Debbie A Photography

We sat down with longtime Buffalo Exchange shopper and journalist Christian Portilla to talk about her personal style and her life in South Florida. She writes freelance for the Miami Herald and Miami New Times and runs her own website, RoamFreeWrites.com. Find out why she loves shopping resale and her favorite spots to visit in Hollywood, Florida!

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Florida Christian Portilla 90s outfit

What do you love about Florida – and Hollywood in particular?

The Hispanic community has played an essential role in my development as a human and a professional. Miami is unique: you can’t get a Cuban coffee – or “colada”, as we call it – for 75 cents anywhere else and we have the best “pastelitos” and “croquetas” in the world. In Hollywood, local shops and small businesses are really starting to take to the area and build community. I’m excited to see how it continues to grow. Hollywood also has an amazing beach that’s my go to spot to catch some waves.

Do you have any other favorite spots to visit in the Hollywood area?

Besides Buffalo Exchange and the beach, Hollywood is home to the Yellow Green Farmers Market. Many of us Miamians drive up to visit. It’s only open Saturday and Sunday, but they have incredible finds and lots of vegan options for people like me who eat a plant-based diet.

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Florida Christian Portilla 80s Blazer

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