How to Wear This Summer’s Embroidery Trend

By Monica Eckhoff, Buffalo Exchange HQ

This summer, it’s all about the details! We’re seeing the embroidery trend and colorful trims on everything from clothing to accessories. Take a look below at some of the fun styles we’re stocking our stores with. Maybe you’ll even get inspired for your next festival outfit!

Embroidered Everything


This easy breezy prairie style maxi dress is perfect for a day out on the town. We’ve paired it with some embroidered velvet wedges for an on-trend look, head to toe. Add some sunglasses and you’re ready to go!

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My Mom, the Original Fashion Influencer

By: Savannah Rodriguez, Buffalo Exchange HQ

For me, my mom was the original influencer. Vintage silk gowns, artisan jewelry, structured classics and a sea of heels filled her closet. I would touch and try on everything, feeling the textures and checking the labels. The different silhouettes and fabrics helped me find my own style and develop an appreciation for quality construction. Some of my most beloved pieces, like a vintage Navajo onyx cuff and a 50s Hermes scarf, were gifts from my mother. Such heirlooms are the key to transforming a wardrobe from trendy to timeless.

Building a Distinctive Wardrobe 

My mother is a master of shopping – she knows no boundaries. She will strike gold in the most unlikely of places, like a small neighborhood market at a park in Tecate, Mexico, where her family is from. There, she bought me an embroidered, handmade backpack that I adored and still have to this day. My mother was a frequent shopper of both Buffalo Exchange and Nordstrom. She taught me that the price you pay is irrelevant – it’s the quality that matters. Her keen eye for style and openness to look for it wherever she goes inspires me to do the same.

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Mother-Daughter Style at Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Text by Meghan Kane, Photos by Ruben Lawrence, Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea employee Bree and her mother Brenda choose outfits for each other and talk about their personal style. From the way these two women interact, it’s clear that they inspire each other in both fashion and life!

What is your go-to style?

Bree: A lot of streetwear. I like oversized pieces of clothing and I definitely prefer shopping in the men’s department over the women’s. Hip hop culture inspired a lot of that.
Brenda: A plain, white T-shirt with some comfy, distressed jeans and a pair of Adidas; very comfortable and classic.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Mom Daughter

Would you say you influence each other’s style in any way?

Bree: We have very different styles. My mom is of a more classic, clean but still girly vibe, while I basically dress like a boy most of the time. But I don’t think she realizes the influence she had on me. When I was little, she put me in a lot of boy clothes and sneakers. I was very sporty as a kid, so I think her instilling that style in me is how I ended up still dressing this way today.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Pants

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