Summer Styles We Love

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

What is the best part about any change of season? Change of wardrobe, of course! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably marked your calendar off for the next few weeks just so you can spend extra time shopping for summer. Oh wait, that’s just us? Anyways, here are some of our favorite warm-weather trends this year!

90s / 00s


There are just no ifs, ands or buts about it: we love the 90s – and the early 00s, too! Bust out the chunky platforms, the daisy prints and even the camo! One of our favorite 90s trends resurfacing this year? Holographic everything.

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Chicago Tribune Logo


Chicago Tribune mentioned Buffalo Exchange in an article titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Vintage and Thrift Shopping in Chicago” on April 26, 2017. “You’d be hard-pressed to find a more affordable clothing store in Wicker Park. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll be amazed at the pricing and the variety of clothing and accessories that you can add to your closet without breaking the bank. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. …”

Buffalo Exchange Trade In Outfits

5 Tips for Keeping Your Style Fresh

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Most of us end up feeling like we have nothing to wear on a pretty regular basis. But what about our friends (or frenemies, ahem) who seem to sidestep this problem? You know the kind: they look great every single day like it’s NO BIG DEAL. The nerve! Instead of getting jealous, get even. With these 5 tips, you’ll feel like you have a brand new wardrobe every season – without ever going over budget!

Play spin the bottle: style edition

Buffalo Exchange Clothes

We all get stuck in styling ruts, wearing the same combos day after day. To break the cycle, play a game of spin the bottle with your closet. Start by spinning in a circle, then closing your eyes and randomly picking out a top and a bottom. Really. We’re not kidding. The challenge is to make it work by adding layers and accessories. You might not hit on a winning combo the first time, but as they say, try, try again. You never know what you might discover! If you’re ok with a mess, pile your entire wardrobe in the center of your room, invite your best friend over and make a night of it. Wine optional (but highly recommended).

A closet to DIY for

Buffalo Exchange boots

Getting bored of that same old jeans and tee? We get it. To mix things up, have some fun with DIY distressing. Take to your jeans with a spray bottle of bleach or scissors and sandpaper. You can even lock down one of the season’s hottest denim trends by DIY-ing a frayed hem. Instant wardrobe update! But wait, this isn’t just for denim. Give one of your old tees a new neckline, turn it into a tie-front or add artful cut-outs. You can also give anything in your wardrobe a makeover by covering it with pins and patches or tying on a colorful scarf.

Go in with a plan


Buffalo Exchange Closet

As the weather starts to change, look to the minimalist wardrobe concept for inspiration. Start by making a list of all the items you’d want in your dream wardrobe.  For example, three open-back tank tops, three pairs of high-waisted shorts, three pairs of sandals, etc. You might even choose a general color scheme. When in doubt, look to your favorite fashion influencers for ideas. Then, every time you go shopping, keep an eye out for those perfect pieces. This can save you from those one-off impulse buys that just end up wasting your hard-earned cash (not to mention closet space!) and ensure that, the next time you have a big date, you don’t lament, “But I have nothing to wear!”

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Buffalo Exchange Way of the Buffalo Company with a Cause

The Way of the Buffalo: A Company with a Cause

By Dana Zepke, Buffalo Exchange HQ

In 1974, Spencer Block co-founded Buffalo Exchange with his wife Kerstin. For the next three decades, they ran the store hand-in-hand, bouncing ideas off each other and learning a whole lot of life lessons along the way. His book, The Way of The Buffalo, recounts hilarious and insightful tales of these years and many of the core values that Buffalo Exchange still stands by today. Read on for some of our favorites!

Valuing All Life           

“Living things besides humans are important and essential to the quality of life. These plants and animals must be respected, valued and protected where necessary.” – Spencer BlockBuffalo Exchange Values

From January to April every year, Buffalo Exchange stores across the country ask customers to give their furs back to the animals through our annual Coats for Cubs drive, a program initially started by The Humane Society of the United States. These furs are then sent off to wildlife rehabilitators to help out injured and orphaned animals. Since 2006, we’ve donated over 12,000 furs.

Capping it all off in April is our annual Earth Day $1 Sale. On this momentous Saturday, we sell a selection of men’s and women’s clothing at every location for just $1 apiece, with 100% of the proceeds going to a national charity. This year, all proceeds will go to the Humane Society of The United States to aid in their efforts to encourage pet adoption.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“Re-using and recycling resources is an important way of helping to preserve the environment and the biodiversity that is essential to the well-being of the planet.” – Spencer Block

Buffalo Exchange Recycle

Our business model of Buy, Sell, Trade does more than just give clothing a second life – it also helps lessen the impact of clothing waste and pollution. We believe that reusing and recycling clothing aids in the protection of the environment. But we don’t stop there!

Since 1994 we’ve raised $656,798 for thousands of local nonprofit charities through our Tokens for Bags® program. How did we do it? Simple! Any time a customer makes a purchase, we donate 5 cents to a local charity instead of giving out a plastic bag. Not only do charities benefit, but we’ve kept over 13.1 million plastic bags out of landfills. Win-win!

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Buffalo Exchange Columbus Blogger

Blogger BG by Christina Talks Style

Christina is the blogger behind BG by Christina – a Columbus-based fashion and lifestyle blog. She loves adventuring around the city, finding vintage treasures and doing home DIY projects with her best friend (and husband!) Fred. A few of her favorite things include iced coffee, flowers, pugs and bubble baths. Sounds good to us! She stopped by the Buffalo Exchange Columbus Grand Opening Party and we asked her about her personal style and why she loves shopping at Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange Columbus Blogger

What do you love about Columbus?

The diverse group of people. I love that there are so many creators here. I’m inspired by the art, the street style and the food. And I love the amazing church community that I have here!

Do you have any favorite spots to visit that are in the same neighborhood as the Buffalo Exchange?

Yes, you have to go to Harvest Bar + Kitchen! The food is amazing. I’m also a huge fan of Wholly Craft. They have the cutest gifts. I always find a treasure at Eclectiques Antique Mall.

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How to Start a Podcast: Beer-powered Podcasting

by Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

We chatted with Portlander (and longtime Buffalo employee) Gary Hanson about how to start a podcast and find out all about his homegrown technology podcast, I’ll Have a Beer and Talk.


Let’s start with your path to Buffalo Exchange…

I like to know a little bit about most everything and I’ve had a varied career. Coincidentally, a video store I helped open in Cambridge, Massachusetts closed and became a Buffalo Exchange.

I started with the Buff in Portland in 2008. I like that the Store Administrative Assistant position allows me to use pretty much every random skill I’ve gathered and apply them in a way that makes everyone’s lives easier.

How to start a podcast

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Buffalo Exchange DC


Only In Your State mentioned Buffalo Exchange in an article titled, “11 Incredible Thrift Stores In Washington DC Where You’ll Find All Kinds Of Treasures” on April 14, 2017. “…If you love hunting for fabulous finds and one of a kind treasures, you need to visit these 11 incredible thrift stores in and around Washington DC! …Buffalo Exchange is a chain thrift store with a location on Logan Circle. They usually specialize on trendy clothes and recent fads but you can also find some vintage items as well. …”


Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Festival

Festival Nation: Festival Style from Burning Man and Beyond

By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St)

When you think festival fashion, you probably think high-waisted denim shorts, Western boots, flowy crochet blouses and large sunglasses. However, there are many different festivals, attracting a wide variety of demographics and fashion trends. From Burning Man to Coachella to Sasquatch, we explore festival fashion across the nation!

Classic Festival Style

Some of the more classic festivals include Coachella, Lollapalooza and, for those traveling abroad, Glastonbury. At these festivals, you expect to see celebrities making appearances in the latest summer trends. Unlike other festivals, Glastonbury is known for being muddy, so Wellington boots are a must!  Festivals in warmer, dryer climates lean towards a blend of Western and bohemian styles. Lacey tanks and crochet blouses are accented by fringey purses, embroidered vests, statement necklaces, bold sunglasses and hats.

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Coachella style


In stark contrast are electronic, dance and performance-based festivals such as EDC, Ultra and Electric Zoo. To match the colorful, lively atmosphere, attendees sport bright colors, metallic, rainbow and neon, pairing tutus, sparkly bikini bottoms or artful shorts with imaginative body suits and hand-decorated bralettes. Colored wigs, decorative headpieces, leg warmers, fishnets, fanny packs and fuzzy vests accentuate these looks!

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco EDM festival style

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San Diego Entertainer Magazine


San Diego Entertainer Magazine mentioned Buffalo Exchange in an article titled, “Fashion Trends for Coachella 2017” on April 6, 2017. “…In a matter of days Coachella will be here, so time to grab your fun flare before it’s all sold out. …Store we recommend for inspiration:…Buffalo Exchange…We hope you find some inspiration to look and feel your best as you rock out to your favorite bands. Happy Coachella 2017!”