Buffalo Exchange Nashville Cleaning Out Your Closet

Cleaning Out Your Closet with Buffalo Exchange Nashville

By Buffalo Exchange Nashville

So you’ve watched The Minimalist and read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up—now what? At Buffalo Exchange Nashville, spring cleaning fever is well underway, so we are here to give you some tips and tricks cleaning out your closet and selling it to yours truly.

Tip #1: Rotate regularly!

Fashion is always changing, so look through your clothing at least once every season. Avoid letting too much time pass between closet cleanouts or you may run out of time to sell the trend.

Tip #2: Spot check!

When cleaning out, look for pieces in great condition that you can resell. If they have spots, stains or unintentional holes, consider donating them to a local non-profit, throwing a Naked Lady party for your friends or repurposing them.

Buffalo Exchange Nashville Cleaning Out Your Closet Shoes

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Buffalo Exchange Dallas

The Goods: A Look Inside Buffalo Exchange Dallas’ Inventory

By Buffalo Exchange Dallas

As the weather starts to warm up, we’re starting to swap out our cold-weather wares for fun spring goods. So far, we’ve seen an exciting collection of ankle boots and sandals, bright and colorful accessories, whimsical dresses and lightweight layers coming into Buffalo Exchange Dallas. We don’t know about you, but with inventory like this, we can’t wait to update our closets for spring!

Steve Madden BootsVelvet Boots

Take your velvet from winter to spring with by switching out the black for bold colors like chartreuse. For warmer days, wear this chunky Steven Madden heel with rolled jeans or a cute mini dress.

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Buffalo Exchange Spring Fashion Layering

The Perfect Jacket: Spring Fashion and the Art of Layering

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ; Featuring Buffalo Exchange Ventura, Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa and Buffalo Exchange Austin

We don’t know about you, but we’re already dreaming of blue skies, birds chirping and the perfect spring picnic. Ahhh, we can see it now. When it comes to spring fashion, though, picking an outfit can actually be a little confusing. Should you dress for frigid morning temps or 75 degree afternoons? The answer is both, of course! Spring temperature swings require artful layering and, most importantly, the perfect jacket.

American Gothic – Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa Spring Fashion Layering
Photographed by Buffalo Exchange Associate Manager Julia Mejia, Styled by Julia Mejia and Sara Villegas, Modeled by Buffalo Exchange Buyer Zoe Juarez and Darren McAtee

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa shows us how to layer for spring fashion at the office. We love this monochromatic, business casual take on the slip dress-and-shirt layering trend. Throw on a floppy hat and you’re ready to soak up some rays during your lunch break. For the guys, layer a vest over your button-up instead of going for a full-on blazer.

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Vacation Paking List

Spring Breakers: A Vacation Packing List

By Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U-District)

Whether you’re headed somewhere warm and sunny for Spring Break or planning for cooler weather in a culture hub like Seattle or Portland, we’ve got the spring vacation packing list for you!  You don’t have to stuff your entire closet into a single, overstuffed carry-on to have an exciting vacation wardrobe – just pack items that can do double-duty. The key is sticking to a color palette or theme.

Ahem! Can you pass the denim, please?

Buffalo Exchange Vacation Paking List Spring

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Buffalo Exchange David Bowie

Stardust Memories

by Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

While driving through downtown Phoenix, I happened upon a series of murals that made me pull over and take notice. The 80-foot stretch of paintings by courthouse sketch artist Maggie Keane inspired me to gather some intriguing tidbits about their iconic subject, David Bowie.


Born David Robert Jones, Bowie changed his name at the age of 18 to avoid confusion with fellow British musician (and Monkees frontman) Davy Jones. Infatuated with American culture and movies, he was inspired by 1960’s The Alamo. His new moniker payed homage to Texan rebel Jim Bowie; in fact, David’s wife, Iman, even has Jim’s famous Bowie knife tattooed on her ankle.

Buffalo Exchange Bowie

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