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Just for Kicks: Fall/Winter Shoe Trends

By Buffalo Exchange Atlanta

If you’re looking to up your cool-weather shoe game, look no further. Buffalo Exchange Atlanta has created a guide to the year’s top shoe trends to help you make it through the winter ahead. Popular styles include pointed toes, block heels, peep toe mules, loafer slides and – of course – sneakers.

On Point

Pointed toe flats, pumps and boots are one of the top shoe trends this year. They’re a great way to add edge to an otherwise minimal outfit and they provide a huge dose of style without sacrificing comfort. Throw on a pair of pointed toe Chelsea boots or black flats for weekend brunch plans or a day at work. For an extra ounce of oomph, keep an eye out for versions with lace, embroidery, Mary Jane-style straps and pony hair.

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Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Customer Profile of Pinup Style Stars

Customers of Buffalo Exchange: Pinup Style Stars

By Buffalo Exchange Fullerton

Meet Fullerton’s famous twins, Jen and Christine! These pinup style stars are taking Orange County by storm with their creative mix of vintage and contemporary fashions. This fall, they were both featured by Pinup Girl Clothing and Christine’s artwork was used by Vance Clothing.

We truly admire these twins for their drive to be themselves and work together to achieve their fashion dreams! Even though these ladies are similar in looks, their hair and style sets them apart. Christine likes to keep her hair long and pin-curled, while Jen opts for a short pixie cut. They often stop by Buffalo Exchange Fullerton to shop and show off their latest outfits. Recently, we took the opportunity to find out more about their pinup style inspiration.

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Buffalo Exchange Home Fur Good

Home ‘Fur’ Good: Giving Back at Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

By: Brittney Stuart, Buffalo Exchange HQ

At Buffalo Exchange, instead of offering plastic bags, we hand out charity tokens with each purchase. This gives shoppers the opportunity to donate 5 cents (the cost of a plastic bag) to one of three local non-profits through our Tokens for Bags® program. In our Phoenix, Arizona store, shoppers have the chance to sponsor the Home ‘Fur’ Good Animal Shelter.

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Embracing Individuality: Hannah Gill Talks Fashion and Music

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Hannah Gill has a powerful, sultry voice that is wise beyond its 19 years and her band, Hannah Gill and The Hours, has a nostalgic feel that we just can’t get enough of. Following the release of their EP, The Water, she and her band have been touring the country, playing in cities across the US and hitting up Buffalo Exchanges along the way. We gave Hannah a $200 shopping spree to see what she could do and talked to her about fashion, music and her band.

How did you get started singing?

I was always singing during my younger years, but I really got started back in middle school. I used to refuse to join choir because I didn’t sound like the high sopranos. My voice was low, so I thought that meant it was bad. It wasn’t until 7th or 8th grade that I heard people like Amy Winehouse on the radio and they changed my whole perception of what a female voice is supposed to sound like. That’s when I really began to own it.

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InStyle wrote an article featuring Alicia Silverstone titled, “Alicia Silverstone on Why She Prefers to Wear Used Clothing” on November 20, 2016.

“…I prefer vintage clothes, so you’re not encouraging excessive production or manufacturing,’ Silverstone tells us, calling out…Buffalo Exchange as her favorite places for thrifting. ‘I know I’m going to walk out of there with an entirely new wardrobe that I can feel really good about, because I don’t have to feel guilty about where it came from—I’m repurposing it. For me, that’s my most important style choice, and that’s why most of what I wear is used…’” By Andrea Cheng