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Best Fan Film Ever

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

My most enjoyable moviegoing experience in recent memory didn’t involve superheroes or computer animation. Neither did it boast breathtaking visuals or great performances. You might think, “Well, what else is there to appreciate about a movie?” As I quickly came to find, plenty.

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Art by E Upcycled Art

By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange HQ

Upcycling takes something old and reimagines it in a fresh way. So it’s no surprise that, after stops in San Diego, Seattle and Portland, upcycling artist Eric Osborne recently moved back to the town he grew up in, Tucson, to reimagine art in a fresh way. He creates his pieces by recycling skateboards, aluminum cans, old metal, or whatever comes his way. Always loving the challenge of discovering new materials to work with, he finds the objects he uses everywhere – sometimes they even seem to find him. To Eric, it’s all about keeping an open mind.

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Buffalo Exchange Berkeley meet our team diana

Meet Our Team: Diana Manriquez

By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

I started working for Buffalo Exchange in August of 2015, as my sophomore year of college finally came to an end. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but I was excited to enter this extremely fashion-forward world. I slowly started to develop knowledge about clothing as I was exposed to all kinds of brands, materials, and qualities. As I’ve developed as a buyer I’ve started to discover my own sense of style.

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Ways to Style Layers

By Buffalo Exchange D.C.

With the new season, there are new ways to wear your current clothes! Don’t put away your leather motorcycle jackets just yet—you can wear them all year long. A little layering goes a long way to take your outfit to the next level, whether you want to achieve a certain look or stay warm during those chilly summer nights.

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The Goods: Phoenix

By Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

This summer we’ve been accessory obsessed. Amazing accessories are available right now at Buffalo Exchange Phoenix. We’re showing you the best of the best in our store from Kate Spade to Rebecca Minkoff. Check out these excellent items below!

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Stuck on You

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

So as I take an early evening stroll, I look up and notice a twenty foot palm tree – but with a cactus growing right out of it. On my way home, I look up and notice a rain gutter – but with a cactus growing right out of it. So, in tribute to these uncommon displays of resiliency, I now give you anecdotes related to that wonder of the desert, vegetation’s porcupine, the cactus.

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Oregon Country Fair

By Sophie, Buffalo Exchange Eugene

Once a year, tucked away in Veneta, Oregon, people gather from around the globe to dance, sing, and let their freak flags fly. The Oregon Country Fair started in 1969 as a benefit for an alternative school and it has only grown since. With over 75 food booths and 700 artisan booths, the fair aims to promote “people living artfully and authentically on Earth.” Upon arrival, visitors can take dance and yoga classes, watch various performers ranging from Bhangra to juggling, and even gaze at seasonal wildflowers and butterflies in prime blooming season. At the fair, more is more and the weirder the better. Here at Buffalo Exchange Eugene, we put together a couple outfits as modeled by our employees for inspiration.

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