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Pride: San Francisco

By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.)

Buffalo Exchange SF has been celebrating Pride in the Bay Area since 2004! We’ve loved every second of celebrating Pride with the San Fran community. Every year we team up with the awesome Sonic Reducer Stage and pass out TONS of Buffalo goodies to all the pride-goers. Check out our favorite moments from Pride 2016!

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AZ CPA featured Buffalo Exchange business manager Kathryn Riser in “Love of Vintage Clothes Leads to Dream Job for CPA”


AZ CPA featured Buffalo Exchange business manager Kathryn Riser in “Love of Vintage Clothes Leads to Dream Job for CPA” in the July/August 2016 issue: “… Riser has been collecting vintage clothing for 25 years. … she collects primarily vintage western items. ‘I like the flashy stuff like Dale Evans would have worn.’ … Riser’s responsibilities as business manager include the supervision and project management of the accounting and IT departments, as well as front office administrative services, and she is a member of the board of directors. … ‘IT is a big part of the business here at Buffalo Exchange, and this is the most sophisticated IT department I’ve ever worked with.’ … One of the best parts of her job is when she attends the semi-annual store managers meetings … ‘It is always so inspiring to see the fashions that store managers wear,’ says Riser.”

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Fourth of July Styling Tips!

By Kirsten SamanichBuffalo Exchange East Village

Photography by Kirsten Samanich and Rosybeth Alvarez.

Proud to be an American stunner.

Want to put some stars back into everyone’s eyes come Fourth of July? Get your flags waving and your wallets at the ready, because we paired together a seamless mesh of pieces to rejuvenate your tired, recycled patriotic outfit ideas into something fresh. With the harmony of understated color pops, mixed metallics, and invigorating texture surprises, we promise to have you pledging allegiance to the flag of Buffalo looks this summer holiday.

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Packing a Capsule Wardrobe

By Sophie, Buffalo Exchange Eugene

1 suitcase, 10 items, and 7 awesome outfits.

Getting back to the basics is a huge trend right now, especially the idea of a capsule wardrobe. What is a capsule wardrobe? Basically, you simplify your closet into a small curated collection including: a theme, basic staple pieces that aren’t print heavy, and a knock-out piece! Of course, not everyone can strip down to just a few clothing items, so we decided to go minimal for a week-long vacay! For our trip, we wanted to keep the outfit combinations fun and versatile. We picked a cool retro suitcase and packed it with a leather jacket, two great basic tops, a fun jumpsuit (our knock-out piece), two pairs of classic shorts, and three pairs of shoes.

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$50 Runway-inspired Looks

By Emily Balli, Hadley Payan, and Kevin Nguyen, Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

Many of us fashion-lovers drool over ready-to-wear runway and wish we could somehow afford to have them in our own closets. However, for many of us, that just isn’t possible. It’s fun to splurge on designer pieces occasionally, but what about creating an entire runway-inspired outfit for just $50?

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Meet Our Team: Madeline Music

By Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

A great statement piece can make or break any outfit! At the Downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange Madeline Music has been spicing up her wardrobe with fun and innovative pieces from her jewelry collection. From funky feathered earrings to pieces that she’s made herself, Madeline’s expansive jewelry collection is not to be missed! We sat with her to chat about some of her favorites.
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Buffalo Exchange Williamsburgh the highs & the lows blog header

The Highs & The Lows

By Mumbi Hinga, Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

We love showcasing statement pieces with affordable styles. Stores like Forever 21, ASOS, and H&M offer great trendy items at reasonable cost that can easily add some pizazz to any ensemble. By purchasing some fun interchangeable items at great prices, you can splurge on one-of-a-kind statement pieces from designer brands. We had loads of fun jazzing up high-end items with budget-friendly pieces. Check out our styling and get inspiration for your next high and low outfit.

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Buffalo Exchange Philly the goods header

The Goods: Philly

By Buffalo Exchange Philly

Plenty of interesting and awesome clothes come across the buy counter at Buffalo Exchange Philly. We rounded up some of the best items on our racks from candy-coated sneakers to fun Disney prints. Check out some of these excellent items up for grabs!

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Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus the goods header

The Goods: Tucson

By Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

Tucson, Arizona is home to beautiful desert landscape, where you can find amazing southwestern clothing and accessories as well as great sterling jewelry. Take a look at these fantastic goodies spotted at the Tucson Campus location.

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Buffalo Exchange HQ American Trailblazer blog header

American Trailblazer

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

You know those “doodles” that occasionally appear on Google’s homepage to celebrate a person or event? Well there have been 763 folks commemorated in this way since Claude Monet first appeared there in the fall of 2001.

I’ve got a heck of a suggestion for the next.

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