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Podcasts for Your Brain

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Whether it’s speakers, headphones or earbuds, we all find ways to score that much-needed soundwave fix. But as much as I love music, sometimes you just want to mix things up. Thank goodness for podcasts.

Lately, I’ve been looking beyond the scores of purely-entertainment options and seeking out those that provide a little more to chew on. So let’s check out some podcasts that’ll make that light bulb above your noggin shine a little brighter.

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Refreshing Summer Brews

By Joe Carrel and Jordyn Celaya, Buffalo Exchange HQ (with photos by Dane Velazquez)

Everyone likes to get an early jump on summer, and breweries are no different. Since most of the summer beers are now available, I thought it’d be fun to create a twelve-pack of seasonally appropriate brews and conduct a little taste test. So I recruited resident beer connoisseur (and Buffalo Accounting Clerk) Jordyn Celeya and we gave it a go. Read on for our reviews and award winners in this tasty challenge!

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Meet Our Customer: Tierra

By Gabriella De Brequet & Deandra Binder, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

It’s everyone’s favorite season in Arizona—spring! In Tucson we’ve been seeing many customers looking for 70s classic vintage pieces, western circle skirts, and cute peasant blouses that you can pair with cutoffs and be ready for the weekend!

Meet Tierra, avid lover of Buffalo Exchange and western vintage, who let us in on her favorite styles and what pieces she’s got her eyes out for this season.
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Style Icon: Mom

By Frances Rich, Buffalo Exchange Chicago

Hello my name is Frances Rich and I work at the Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park. For Mother’s Day I decided to interview one of my fashion icons, my mom! She currently resides in Portland and has a style that consists of staple pieces and other unique ones that she’s found over the years. Growing up I looked up to my mom completely as a style icon. She’s taught me that style is not about how much money you spend on your clothes or what brand it is, but it’s about how you present it and how you feel when you’re wearing them. Now that I’m older, I find myself shopping the same way she does, picking pieces that others might not choose right away. I’m so proud and thankful to have a stylish mom! Without her my wardrobe would be nowhere near as interesting as it is today.

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Meet Our Team: Alyssa

By Virginia, Buffalo Exchange HQ

I had the opportunity to chat with Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus associate manager Alyssa. We talked about her career path at Buffalo, career advice, and how she balances other aspects of her life (she’s in a band!). Check out my interview with her below.

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Earth Day: Instagram Recap

With your help, we raised over $47,440 for the Center for Biological Diversity at our Earth Day $1 Day Sale. On April 23, shoppers gathered bright and early for our annual sale. Tons of men’s and women’s clothing was priced for just $1 and all the proceeds from $1 items were donated directly to the Center for Biological Diversity in support of their efforts to protect the environment. Take a look at some of our customers’ excellent finds.

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