Day-to-Night Looks

By Buffalo Exchange Eugene

Spring and summer months bring about nights out with friends, brunchin’ all-day, and after-office happy hours. We’ve styled a few simple outfits that show you how to wear your day outfit into the evening’s festivities. Check out our day-to-night outfits and get the most out of your clothes!

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The Daily Emerald recommended Buffalo Exchange in Start off spring cleaning in your closet


The Daily Emerald recommended Buffalo Exchange in “Start off spring cleaning in your closet” on March 30, 2016: “This is one of the more popular consignment stores in Eugene for college students. Buffalo Exchange is known for having a supply of clothes and accessories that are trendy and sometimes off-the-wall in an attempt to offer an eye-catching look. …“We are always looking for current styles and vintage pieces. We also buy Halloween and Christmas sweaters year-round,” said Janelle Dervin, store manager. …”

Buffalo Exchange Tucson headquarters warehouse team header

Warehouse Playlist

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Meet our Shipping and Receiving department. This hardworking crew has the daunting task of putting together new clothing & accessories, customized for each of our four dozen stores around the country, at a clip of 85,000 pieces a month. How do they keep up the breakneck pace? With a steady stream of tasty tunes, of course! Check out this eclectic sampling of the music that keeps our warehouse groovin’ and Buffalo movin’…

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Bustle recommended Buffalo Exchange in What To Wear To A Spring Wedding If You Want To Look Cute Without Spending A Ton


Bustle recommended Buffalo Exchange in “What To Wear To A Spring Wedding If You Want To Look Cute Without Spending A Ton” on March 23, 2016: “…Whether your friend’s shindig is formal or casual, you’re gonna look and feel great with #MoneyInTheBank! …to take a moment to shout-out to the glorious place that is your local thrift store. If you’re a thrifting newbie, I’d recommend trying … Buffalo Exchange … I’ve always had incredible luck digging through these places when I need to find something to wear for a specific occasion, but don’t want to spend a ton of money. …”

Buffalo Exchange Charlotte fashion image header

Inspiring Fashion Photos – Charlotte

By Buffalo Exchange Charlotte

Photographer Lura Lauer (@luralauer) and makeup/hair stylist Lauren Lail recently shot some excellent photos using styles found at Buffalo Exchange Charlotte for a 70s inspired editorial. Clothing and accessories modeled by Kelly Jo Wright (@KELLYJOWRIGHT_), Sarah Alexander (@SWEETSARAHSAYS), Linzy (@LINZYSHHH), and Kenzie Hamilton (@kenziethehappyfairy).

We love the fringe and denim. Take a look at the excellent styling and photography.

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Buffalo Exchange easy treats for spring blog header

Easy Treats for Spring

By Jamie LeReshe, Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard), and Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

I’m not much of a baker. Scratch that, I do not bake at all. So, when chatting with baking addict (and Seattle Buffalo employee) Jamie LeReshe, I posed a challenge to her: give me some tasty recipes for spring that even I can make. Faster than you can break out the measuring cups, she came through with a trio of delectable offerings…

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TimeOut Chicago mentioned Buffalo Exchange in Chicago's best thrift stores for secondhand and resale shopping


TimeOut Chicago mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “Chicago’s best thrift stores for secondhand and resale shopping” on March 18, 2016: “Thrift stores in Chicago are true treasure troves, where you can find secondhand clothes… The thrill of the hunt keeps the best thrift stores thriving… Buffalo Exchange Wicker Park…this consignment chain buys, sells and trades its inventory directly with customers. Look for a mix of designer-label and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories, all handpicked by Buffalo Exchange’s stylish staff and priced much lower than retail cost. …”

buffalo exchange sneaker obsession header

Sneaker Obsession

By Odette Lucero, Buffalo Exchange HQ

For the past two years we have seen the minimalist trend make its way into fashion must-haves. With it came the casual and chic sneaker look. Whether it’s plain white sneakers, Yeezys, or the newest pair of Nikes, you can be sure to spot them in the trendiest street style.

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Buffalo Exchange Eday2016-HUBeventHeader

Earth Day: 5 Tips to Conserve Water!

Five tips to conserve water! Keep these tips in mind throughout your day and you can make a difference in water conservation for ourselves and wildlife.

  1. Turn the tap off. When you’re brushing your teeth or washing your dishes make sure to only run water when rinsing.
  2. Say no to bottled water. Opt for a reusable water bottle instead of a one-time use plastic bottle. The removal of water to create bottled water and the production that goes into making the plastic bottle is harmful to communities and wildlife.
  3. Load up on laundry. When you do large loads of laundry less water is used per a garment. This also works with dishwashers!
  4. Sweep it up. Invest in a broom to sweep your patios and sidewalks instead of hosing them down.
  5. Opt for native plants. Dress up your landscape in climate perfect plants. Look for regional plants that flourish on the natural rainfall only.


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