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Valentine’s Day Outfits

By Buffalo Exchange Ventura

As you all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. Something to really keep in mind is that the dress code is whatever you feel comfortable with. Whether you’re the dress-up, go-dance-your-heart-out type, or the grab take-out food and a watch a movie kind of person—there is something for everyone. You have the option to express your style many different ways! Going out? Might I suggest stressing some of the less noticeable pieces of your outfit—let those accessories and shoes shine!

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Buffalo Exchange HQ Tour

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

You might assume that a company with 48 (soon to be 50) retail locations nationwide would be headquartered in a glossy corporate high-rise. Not Buffalo Exchange. Heck, you could easily walk right past our headquarters without even noticing it. That’s because no one expects a company this large to be housed in, well, a house. Actually, seven of ‘em. Come see the neighborhood that makes up Buffalo Exchange HQ.

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Her Campus UIC listed Buffalo Exchange in “7 Best Thrift Stores in Chicago


Her Campus UIC listed Buffalo Exchange in “7 Best Thrift Stores in Chicago” on February 2, 2016: “…Located in the wonderful neighborhood of Wicker Park, Buffalo Exchange is definitely one of the more up to date thrift stores. They carry things that are currently trending in fashion and are in great shape. Prices can vary depending on the item but there are so many options, there is a deal awaiting you in the racks. …”

DFW Style Daily featured Buffalo Exchange


DFW Style Daily featured Buffalo Exchange in “Got Furs? Donate Now to the 10th Annual Buffalo Exchange Coats For Cubs Fur Drive” on February 2, 2016: “…Divesting of old winter wearables before warmer weather arrives? The Buffalo Exchange Coats For Cubs fur drive could be just the ticket. … A project of Buffalo Exchange … In keeping with the popular resale chain’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices, this annual effort provides wildlife rehabilitation centers with used furs to be repurposed as comforting natural bedding for injured and orphaned animals. … Sounds like a fine finale for old furs, indeed. …”

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3 Ways to Style Flare Denim

By Benjamin Stange, Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Flare denim has been making resurgence in fashion on and off over the past couple years. However, these new flares are not your mother’s hip-hugging bell bottoms. The modern flare has a higher waist and a slimmer leg that make it easy to fit into most wardrobes. It’s quickly becoming a staple piece in many closets and seems to be equally at home with a variety of styles.

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