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Boots for Every Outfit

By Buffalo Exchange Fullerton

During the spring cleaning season, the first thing people assume is that it’s time to replace their boots with sandals. However, boots are no longer a style that only applies to the colder seasons. A shoe that was once built for durability is now a fashion staple. Whether you’re going to an outdoor concert, running errands, or spending a night out on the town, there is a perfect boot for every unique style and occasion.

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Buffalo Exchange New Orleans Buffalo Gal Adventures

Buffalo Gal Adventures

By Kaitlyn, Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

On Christmas Eve my great friend and I boarded (my first ever) an international flight to London—full of excitement and carrying a luggage full of Buffalo Exchange (NOLA) outfits. Read on to see my favorite street style and shops I visited along the way.

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10 Secrets to Shopping at Buffalo Exchange

By Odette Lucero, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Don’t miss out on all of the perks Buffalo Exchange has to offer! Whether you want to save even more money or simply get the most out of your shopping and selling experience, these 10 secrets are here to help.

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Buffalo Exchange The Vintage Buffalo 3

The Vintage Buffalo: Peggy Hunt

By Jeanette S., The Vintage Buffalo

Find this dress and more on The Vintage Buffalo.

This beautiful 60s frock was designed by the California-based designer Peggy Hunt. Carolyn Margaret Hunt, the brilliance behind the brand, started her career designing children’s clothing under the name Fairy Frocks. She also started the labels Collegienne and Jean Carol before starting Peggy Hunt, titled after Margaret’s own nickname.

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Buffalo Exchange Haight Street vintage tees header image.

The Goods: Vintage Concert T-Shirts

By Sydni Budelier, Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.)

Leave it to our loyal Haight Street customers to sell us some of the most coveted and collectable items in fashion. While vintage band tees are no new trend, they remain sought-after pieces by devoted music fans and vintage T-shirt junkies. When we recently purchased a customer’s collection of 80s and 90s concert tees, our buyers carefully gauged their desirability and knew they would be quick sellers.

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Buffalo Exchange HQ Oscar Party header image

Oscar Party

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

The Academy Awards resemble those iconic masks of drama – both comedy and tragedy. Sporadic bursts of entertainment make up the comedy, while the tragedy is its daunting length. So, how do we right this Titanic-sized ship? Make a game out of it, of course! Picking the Oscar winners (even if you missed a chunk of the films) is always a fun way to enhance the evening – whether you’re at a party with friends or at home curled up on the couch. So read on as I break down the categories in this ultimate Oscar night cheat sheet.

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Buffalo Exchange East Village vday

New York City Love!

By Buffalo Exchange East Village

Valentine’s Day is so soon! Here in the East Village we had fun with a hearts and red-hue fashion photoshoot. Check out our looks below for some last minute inspiration.

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DCist listed Buffalo Exchange in “The Best Thrift And Consignment Stores In The D.C. Area”


DCist listed Buffalo Exchange in “The Best Thrift And Consignment Stores In The D.C. Area” on February 12, 2016: “…The buyers have a good eye for what will sell…I am most consistently delighted with the handful of vintage finds they have at any given time. They are significantly less expensive than at dedicated vintage stores, to the point that I’ve bought multiple things that didn’t quite fit, had them altered, and still considered it a deal. …”

Buffalo Exchange vday outfits 7

Day to Date!

By Virginia McInnis, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Have you planned your outfit for Sunday? We have looks for both you and your beau to fall in love with. Take these two looks from day to date in no time.
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