Tokens for Bags® – Keep Houston Beautiful

By Tricia G., Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Our Houston Montrose store is supporting Keep Houston Beautiful through our Tokens for Bags® program. We encourage shoppers to accept a token instead of a bag for purchases, and we donate five cents (the cost of the bag) to a charity of the customer’s choice. We have raised nearly $577,700 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations since 1994 through our Tokens for Bags® program, saving 11.5 million bags from polluting the environment.

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Paint the Town

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

People who travel a lot tell me that they will often wake up and not remember what city they’re in. It makes sense—most cities have the same hotel chains near the same coffee shops near the same restaurants and stores—things can begin to feel eerily cookie cutter. For a city to differentiate itself it needs to cultivate its own look and that’s where the fun comes in.

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Black on the Canvas featured Buffalo Exchange Georgetown


Black on the Canvas featured Buffalo Exchange Georgetown in “Buffalo Exchange” on July 5, 2015: “I recently visited Buffalo Exchange, a thrift shop in Georgetown … The store offers an array of unique pieces, including clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry. … Also, the pieces are far more interesting than the ones you find in any shopping mall, with each vintage piece telling a story from its own time; a time when people really cared about every stitch woven into their masterpieces. This is a refreshing change from today’s age of mass production and outsourcing that you find with today’s clothing companies. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and always available to assist you in picking out whatever you are looking for. If you are considering purging your closet or adding new pieces, then you are at the right spot. …”

Buffalo Exchange Houston customers Tina and Donell.

Advanced Style

By Buffalo Exchange Houston (Rice Village)

Buffalo Exchange is a store that prides ourselves on diversity: diversity of staff, diversity of customers, and diversity of clothes.

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Airstream Life Magazine featured Buffalo Exchange Vice President Rebecca Block


Airstream Life Magazine featured Buffalo Exchange Vice President Rebecca Block in “Inbox” Summer 2015 issue: “…In celebration of the 40 year anniversary of our family business, Buffalo Exchange, we did an around-the-country tour, pulling this 1969 Airstream…Our stores collected funky, vintage, and western themed clothing that we sold from the trailer…We refashioned the Airstream to be a traveling boutique…”