Buffalo Exchange SF Mission District location.

Valencia St. Culture

By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission)

The Mission area is a traditionally Latino section of the city. Our location exists at the meeting of the historic community and the new Mission-area demographic. The influence of the tech boom draws in on The Mission from the western and northern corners of the city.

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Back-To-School Trends

By Cyan Estevez, Buffalo Exchange Astoria

Photos by Heather David

As summer days slowly draw towards their end, we may find ourselves beginning to shed an internal (perhaps even actual) tear for the long sun drenched days and sweet magical nights ahead. Before we allow ourselves to take a moment of silence, let’s give praise for the equally enchanting moments that fall will bring, particularly for this year’s back-to-school trends.

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Meet Our Team: Dominique Ragland

By Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

I was first introduced to Buffalo Exchange in 2007. Working at a nearby retail store gave me the advantage of seeking the many new treasures hitting the floor daily. I soon became a “regular;” each day I walked through the door being greeted by name! In 2011, when seeking a career change, simultaneously a position opened up in Philly. I was ecstatic! I mean I was there almost every day anyways, so why not see what this growing company had to offer?

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Gurl.com recommends Buffalo Exchange in “9 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Before Going Back To School”


Gurl.com recommends Buffalo Exchange in “9 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Before Going Back To School” on July 23, 2015: “…There are plenty of ways to make a little extra cash here and there. … Go through your closet and pick out all of the things you don’t wear. My rule is if you haven’t worn it in a year, it has to go. Take these items to a thrift store or somewhere like … Buffalo Exchange. They’ll go through your items and choose which ones they want to buy for resale. …”

Summer to Fall Style

By Malaika D. Sydnor, Buffalo Exchange Charlotte

In a few months the scorching heat will be cooled by a simple breeze. Summer brights will go moody, evolving into subdued, richer hues, and we too will change.

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Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque circa 1990s.

From The Archives

By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange Tucson


Early 90s photo shoot in front of our Albuquerque, NM location.

Buffalo Exchange Dallas employees Kylie Rae and Alexis.

The Goods: 40s & 50s Style

By Buffalo Exchange Dallas

Two of our employees, Kylie Rae and Alexis, show off vintage and vintage-inspired pieces from Buffalo Exchange and their own closets.

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Women’s Day Magazine mentioned Buffalo Exchange


Woman’s Day Magazine mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “Save on Back-to-School Shopping” on July 15, 2015: “…Kami Gray, a professional stylist in Portland, Oregon, suggests resale shops like Buffalo Exchange … ‘Kids become more clothes-conscious at this age, but buying brand-new, expensive items isn’t economical or practical when your child is still growing,’ says Gray. ‘Buying resale gets them the brands they want at an affordable price, and they can trade in their outgrown clothes for some extra cash.’ …”

Lydia’s Place Fashion Show

By Buffalo Exchange Bellingham

Bellingham has many non-profits that benefit the homeless community. One of them, Lydia Place, holds an annual fundraiser with a fashion twist—Handbags for Housing. They reached out to local retail and resale shops and we were happy to be involved in this great event. We donated a handbag to their live auction and outfitted three regulars to be models in their fashion show! It was a very successful and fashionable event. We were thrilled to contribute to this cause and participate in what Buffalo Exchange does best, giving back and celebrating fashion!

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Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn customer, Olivera.

Olivera’s Treasures

By Buffalo Exchange Boerum Hill

I’m here today speaking with the lovely Olivera about her personal style, fashion inspiration, and jewelry pieces. Olivera is currently wearing an eye-catching cotton black Catherine Malandrino skirt with a semi sheer silk Madewell blouse.

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