Buffalo Exchange Ventura men's Fourth of July fashion.

Fourth of July Fashion

By Buffalo Exchange Ventura

In Ventura, our dudes celebrate the Fourth of July with a relaxed outdoor/surf-wear kind of style. We paired together some fun Americana inspired outfits with a dash of Patagonia for some Ventura flare. This 4th of July, we plan to get our beach BBQ on with some volleyball and wave catching.

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Women’s Summer Trends

By Buffalo Exchange Bellingham

Summer is off to a great start in Bellingham and the simple, feminine slip dress is showing up everywhere. It’s the perfect throw on piece for a hot and sunny day! This customer is looking cute yet chic in her lacey electric blue satin slip paired with thick strapped black sandals. Her look is simple and comfortable—essential components of a quick go-to summer outfit!

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Buffalo Exchange Founder Kerstin Block in a Buffalo Exchange store circa 1986.

From The Archives

By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange Founder Kerstin ca. 1986

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks employee and her father for Father's Day blog.

Best Father’s Day Gift = Shopping!

By Liz, Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks

Father’s Day, that treasured Hallmark tradition of celebrating dad with grand parties and declarations of love. For my family this usually means watching a nine hour Star Wars marathon on TNT. Picking out gifts for my dad is completely futile. He’s never actually used anything I’ve given him. As I type this I can see the complete box set of Indiana Jones movies on laserdisc that I gave him in 1999…still in their plastic wrap.

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Buffalo Exchange Tucson (campus) employees in dresses for Dress a Day May challenge.

Dress a Day May!

By Shelby Athouguia, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

For most of us the month of May is a very exciting time of year. It marks the beginning of summer and with that comes a time to relax, go on a vacation, or have an adventure or two. Here in Tucson, we took the fun summer month of May and made it our own with “Dress a Day May”! Full Story

Free Press Summer Fest

By Buffalo Exchange Houston

While the east coast was having a “ball” June 6-8, the Left Coast was throwing a festival as well. Free Press Summer Fest is an event that happens annually in Houston. Usually the festival is nestled in Eleanor Tinsley Park, with the city of Houston serving as a backdrop, and the Buffalo Bayou as a perimeter. This year due to extreme flooding the festival had to be moved a week before to safer, drier grounds at Reliant Stadium.

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Dad Fashion

By Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Celebrating dad fashion for Father’s Day!

We didn’t have to look far for dad fashion inspiration. Here in Hillcrest, we have a very diverse customer base and many of them are stylish customers; who happen to be dads. Two of our customers, Jacob and Joe helped us show what dad fashion is all about.

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Vintage Tee Fever

If there one thing the avid Buffalo shopper knows, it’s our love for Vintage Tees! We see them come through our store in all shapes, sizes and screen prints. You can find childhood icons to bands of the century and in crisp dead stock condition to super soft, worn this a million times tees. Take a look at some of the fantastic tees and styles we’ve seen in the past few months!

California Raisins Tee spotted Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

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