Bustle featured Buffalo Exchange’s sister store, The Vintage Buffalo


Bustle featured Buffalo Exchange’s sister store, The Vintage Buffalo in “Buffalo Exchange Opens Online Boutique Called The Vintage Buffalo, So Thrifting Is Now Ultra Convenient”on May 29, 2015: “…The Vintage Buffalo features all the best the store has to offer, but accessible at the click of a mouse! The site will predominately feature a curated selection of vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home decor…Buffalo Exchange has worked hard to make sure that everything still comes in at a relatively affordable price point, so we can all have access to really good fashion. …”

Racked featured Buffalo Exchange Chelsea store manager, Justin Goellner


Racked featured Buffalo Exchange Chelsea store manager, Justin Goellner in “Beacon’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and the Big Business of Selling Your Old Clothes” on May 28, 2015: “…The average shopper might not know the true value of their old clothing, but the buyers who assess the dregs of those shoppers’ closets certainly do. … stores like Buffalo Exchange … proliferate across the country, bringing in millions in revenue … These stores resonate with shoppers because they buy clothing for cash, as well as stock low-priced items for sale. They’ve become staple retail spots for regular shoppers, not just bargain hunters. … Goellner likens his job to “an art, not a science”… at Buffalo Exchange, Goellner says the store doesn’t have an exact price formula, but notes that buyers aim to have everything stay in an affordable window because “the store is supposed to feel like you are always getting a good deal.” … “If you bought a good piece, wore it twice, and aren’t sure if you’re going to wear it again, just sell it back quickly! Don’t hold it,” Goellner says. …”

Governors Ball 2015

By Buffalo Exchange Chelsea


The sun is finally out in Manhattan and people are searching for an outdoor party! THE festival to kick off the summer in NYC is Governors Ball! Fun festival wear and statement accessories are the name of the game at this year’s annual music festival. Trendy New Yorkers are always looking to change things up from traditional looks, so this year, instead of the fringe and lace you’re seeing in the desert, we’re ready with bright colors, funky patterns, and bold shades. Here are some pics of what Buffalo Exchange employees fantasized they’d wear as they escape Manhattan and head to the 2015 Governors Ball.

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When You Discover Your Super Power

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe


Even as a kid I knew I’d never go the Clark Kent route. Early on I determined that, if I ever discovered that I actually had a super power, I wouldn’t create some alter ego and try to hide it from the world. So the other day when my super power finally showed itself, I knew that I couldn’t just keep it under wraps. An announcement was in order.

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From the Archives

By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange founder Kerstin Block and chief operating officer Vella Austin at the first Tucson location on Warren St. in 1979.