YouTuber Griffin Arnlund featured Buffalo Exchange in “$20 Outfit Challenge with Griffin Arnlund!” for AwesomenessTV


YouTuber Griffin Arnlund featured Buffalo Exchange in “$20 Outfit Challenge with Griffin Arnlund!” for AwesomenessTV on April 27, 2015: “…I look for any reason to head over to my favorite thrift store [Buffalo Exchange], so let’s head over there and see if we kind find super cute outfits under $20 dollars. … I found some options, so let’s try them on and see if we have a winner. … I found two outfits that I could not pass up. …”

Off Topic: Pinball Wizard

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

I feel about pinball machines the way I do about drive-in movie theaters – yes, there may be far less of them than there used to be, but I sure hope they don’t disappear. I mean, it’s not like either has been rendered obsolete. Video games offer a similar diversion as pinball, but lack that visceral feeling of knocking an actual ball around inside an actual, physical, space. And drive-ins strike that happy medium between the relaxing space of the home theater and the group experience of the multiplex. So while my nostalgic side loves both, I can’t exactly afford to buy a drive-in.

A pinball machine on the other hand…

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The Today Show Style Online featured Buffalo Exchange


The Today Show Style Online featured Buffalo Exchange in “The savvy girl’s guide to shopping for (and selling!) vintage clothes” on April 23, 2015: “…We’ve rounded up tips from the experts who know second hand … well, firsthand. … ‘Many customers sell to us over the weekend, so Monday might be the closest I’d come to suggesting a single day,’ says Justin Goellner, a store manager at Buffalo Exchange. … That said, there’s typically no time limit when it comes to unique pieces that stand out. ‘[When it comes to] a unique, embroidered vintage wool peacoat or a holographic, oversized Marc by Marc [Jacobs] down puffer, someone would snatch it up in a second even if it was July,’ says Goellner. Selling for your guy? Goellner says these rules need not apply. “Guys buy shorts in December, guys buy vintage leather trench coats in July. If it’s cool and great quality, guys will buy it regardless of season,” he says. … Last, but certainly not least, get to know your local second-hand stores and employees. “When you go to any store frequently and the employees know you, they can look out for you a little more than a one-time shopper. So if you stop by Buffalo Exchange every Monday looking for DVF dresses, and two employees know you and know your tastes, they might see one and put it on hold for you,” says Goellner.…”


By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.)

Fashion knows no gender! Men, women, and people alike shop our racks, eager to add pieces to their wardrobe. They look for the “Peace and Love” fashion trend taking cues from the 70s. Vintage Levis, western button-ups, suede vests, and cowboy boots are no longer for costume parties, they are an everyday staple. Vintage chic not your thing? Norm core and casual basics are also a lively, but understated trend. Match oversized men’s tees and tapered shirts to boyfriend pants or fitted men’s denim. Stop into your local Buffalo Exchange and celebrate style!

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Meet Our Customer: Dirk Jackson

By Buffalo Exchange Portland (downtown)

One of our most loquacious regulars, Dirk Jackson is a native of Tacoma, Wash. Buffalo Exchange appeared on his radar when he moved to Seattle where he was a working musician for many years. But it wasn’t until he relocated to Portland 14 years ago that he became a regular shopper and seller. “I have expensive taste and I’m very picky, but as a musician I couldn’t really afford that,” says Jackson of the initial appeal of shopping at Buffalo Exchange.

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Guide Live mentioned Buffalo Exchange’s Coats for Cubs Drive in “4 fashionable ways to celebrate Earth Day” on April 18, 2015: “…How often do you really wear that fur coat? You know who might like it more? Baby squirrels. Baby squirrels need the feel of real fur to help them relax in a natural environment while on the road to physical recovery. From now until April 22, you can donate your real fur coats and accessories to the Coats for Cubs program at Buffalo Exchange. All donated furs are sent to furry friends in rehabilitation organizations across the country. …”

Silver Chips Online mentioned Buffalo Exchange


Silver Chips Online mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “’Tis the season to shop secondhand” on April 18, 2015: “…Buffalo Exchange is a hidden, affordable gem amidst the glitz and glam of the upscale Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, D.C. … There’s no searching through piles of disorganized t-shirts here … they’re well-organized. … And even if you’re already prepared with your summer dresses and light t-shirts, don’t forget to grab some sandals for the quickly-approaching warm days. Buffalo Exchange has a fairly expansive shoe collection as well, with options that are constantly changing. …” By Eleanor Linafelt

Arizona Daily Star featured Buffalo Exchange


Arizona Daily Star featured Buffalo Exchange in “Buffalo Exchange expands with Internet, sell-by-mail” on April 18, 2015: “…Buffalo Exchange will launch a sister store online in May. Called The Vintage Buffalo, the online boutique will feature vintage clothing and accessories, along with pieces that have cultural and Southwestern flair. ‘It’s the best of the best of what you would find in a Buffalo Exchange store in the vintage section,’ said Stephanie Lew, the marketing director and main overseer of the new initiative. … The collection sold online is carefully curated, Lew said. Vintage pieces make up 90 to 95 percent of the inventory. Other items are notable for additional reasons, such as being homemade or redesigned. … Notable inventory so far includes an 18th-century Victorian dress discovered at an estate sale, Southwestern turquoise jewelry purchased from flea markets and a Fred Harvey clutch, such as those sold at stops along the railroad in the late 1800s. … It’s a treasure hunt. …”