E! Online mentioned Buffalo Exchange in an interview with Orly Shani


E! Online mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “Trendsetters at Work: Orly Shani” on March 16, 2015: “…What are your favorite stores to shop for work clothes? … I love Buffalo Exchange! You can bring in clothes that you haven’t worn in forever and get cash or store credit for some new goodies. They only take clothes that are in great condition so you end up with amazing pieces. They have a huge variety and it’s cheap!…”

Spring Menswear

By Buffalo Exchange Philly

In a blue collar city like Philly we’re not surprised to see our customers embracing the denim-on-denim work-wear look or athletic-wear as an everyday-wear trend. We are noticing an update on popular silhouettes, and staple pieces being matched with some of the hot forecasted trends for spring 2015. Prevalent styles from last year such as longer hemlines, joggers, and the comfort sandal are still going strong. They’re also being paired with tried and true classics to create an up-to-date yet versatile look. The trend has evolved to feature cropped relaxed straight-leg denim and athletic-inspired pieces paired with an unexpected dress shoe. Throw on your classic leather motorcycle jacket or a lightweight parka for an effortlessly cool and casual vibe.

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YouTuber Lynette Cenee featured Buffalo Exchange


YouTuber Lynette Cenee featured Buffalo Exchange in “How to shop for free” on March 12, 2015: “…I always go into Buffalo Exchange…it originated in Tucson, so I’ve actually been doing this before I moved to LA…one amazing thing is they do buy stuff that doesn’t have to be in season. … you can take stuff that you still maybe might really like, but that you don’t wear super often, and you know that you could potentially  get another piece that you will wear a lot. … So that’s why I say ‘how to shop for free,’ because you can buy a couple pieces, trade it in, and then have all of this to chose from [clothing and accessory items at Buffalo Exchange La Brea]. … for me personally I always pick the trade, because that’s how I shop for free—trading in all my old stuff. …”



Meet Our Customers: Zelda & Nicole

By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

On a typical Sunday at the Berkeley Buffalo Exchange you can find mother and daughter duo Nicole and Zelda shopping the racks looking to score great vintage pieces and punky platform boots. They are hard to miss, because they have such innate yet effortless style, although totally different from each other, but equally enchanting. We here at the store have found ourselves excited to see what cool jumpsuit Nicole will be wearing and what great accessories Zelda will rock. I took a few minutes to chat with them about some of their style inspirations and what gets them excited about fashion and shopping resale.

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The Goods: Festival Fun

By Monica G., Buffalo Exchange New Merchandise

Buffalo Exchange

This spring, our New Merchandise buyers have stocked our stores with fun festival items just in time for festival season.

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