Festival Fashion

By Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach

Festivals are just as much about seeing great bands as they are about being seen, and we know you want to stand out in the sea of fringe and flower crowns this festival season. Here are a few suggestions for keeping (and looking) cool at this year’s spring festivals, without breaking the bank!

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Off Topic: Insta-Gone

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

Buffalo Exchange

As with many questionable decisions, this one started with a bet. Specifically, a bet that I, a social media recluse whose Instagram account had yielded a paltry five pictures in three years, could suddenly muster 1,000 loyal followers in six short months. Considering that I neither possess adorable pets nor happen to be an attractive female, this is no meager task. But little did I know that jumping headlong into this hobby of self-documentation would soon lead to a most unexpected discovery.

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Women’s Trends

By Buffalo Exchange Houston (Montrose)

Our winters are short in Houston, so it’s easy to be ahead on the hottest spring trends. Our girls are straying away from floral and loud prints by donning comfortable, but chic basics. Less is definitely more this spring season. Asymmetrical cuts add subtle touches that make basic skirts anything but. Crossover blouses allow for easy layering, while adding a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Accessories add great detail to our sporty outfits by providing interesting textures and splashes of color. We may like to raid our boyfriends’ closets occasionally, but Houston girls know how to make it work!

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Wonderful Looks & Finds

By Natalie R., Buffalo Exchange NYC (Chelsea)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or not! It’s winter in NYC and while every New Yorker is dreading the thought of getting dressed, I’m trying to restrain myself from throwing on my recent purchases for this season.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Natalie and I’ve been a part of the Buffalo Exchange team for almost two years. If you’ve been to the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea, then you might’ve spotted me behind the register bidding farewell to some really great pieces right before they leave the store. In other words, I’m a cashier.

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From The Archives

By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange

Tucson store employees photo shoot at the local drive-in, ca. 1982.

Her Campus mentioned Buffalo Exchange


Her Campus mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “Guide to Thrifting in DC” on February 13, 2015: “…Buffalo Exchange is one of the most well known old and new stores in the DC area. Unbeatable prices, awesome brand names, and items ranging from jewelry to vintage shoes, to sunglasses, this store has it all. Probably one of the coolest parts of this store … you will always find new things. Oh yeah, and it’s a great place to sell some of your old clothes you no longer want. …”