Style File: Tucson

By Erin T. & Samantha B., Buffalo Exchange Tucson (East Side)

Here in Tucson, it has finally gotten cool enough to break out those heavier pieces! Most Tucsonans dress in light layers that can easily be removed as the day goes on. On the days that are really chilly, there’s nothing like getting cozy with a good book and a soft sweater at the local resale bookstore, Bookman’s. Leather jackets, especially in biker styles, are always a statement piece many shoppers are looking for. When worn over a feminine dress, they create an instantly cool effect that can be casual or dressy. And our customers just can’t get enough of those leather boots and rich jewel tones!

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Winter Fashion

By Angelea A., Buffalo Exchange Chicago


Winter essentials and Chi-fashionistas are partners in crime in battling the weather in Chiberia, but still maintain swag. Chicagoans are topping off their outfits with jackets that have texture, prints, and shape. Slouchy beanies, black brim bowler hats, and turbans are flooding the streets and keeping caps warm during the commute. Socks are another essential that add more to the outfit. They are seen to be worn scrunched over the pants or paired with tights for the ladies. Men are stocked up with socks with cool designs that peek out when wearing shorter length pants. An all-black outfit is a trend always for guys and girls, it goes with everything! Check out the snaps to see Chi street style in action.

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Kindness and Civility

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

My daughter is applying to colleges this fall, and one of the best questions she was asked to write about involved what is impacting civility in our society today. It is such a great question with so many possible answers. So, while I won’t be getting into Wake Forest myself, I think I’ll give a try at answering the question.


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Style File: Hillcrest

By Chris V., Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Despite the ever-present sun and warm temperatures, winter is almost here in San Diego and the fashionable folks of Hillcrest are finally ready for some layers! Blending retro and vintage pieces with current styles has become a popular trend for those that wish to create cohesive and unique ensembles. Tartan print, leather, and distressed denim have emerged as popular choices to wear for men this season, with creepers and bowlers being some of the “it” accessories. Modern jumpers with vintage jackets or retro overalls with chic, chunky sweaters are looks that have been popping up all over town for the ladies! And if throwbacks aren’t your thing, the little black dress is another hot item this winter, because in San Diego, a little skin is always in!

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Meet Our Team: Joe C.

Buffalo Exchange

So I’m sitting in a job interview–the gig is a mail room manager for a large tech company–and the gent behind the desk looks up from my application, chuckling. “Art degree, huh? How’s that workin’ out for ya?” He eventually offered me the job anyway, but I was immediately looking for a reason not to take it. I simply wanted something… happier.

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12 Days of Giveaways


We’re celebrating the winter season with 12 days of giveaways starting December 13! We’re excited to be giving away wonderful goodies from fun accessories to home goods, and more. Keep up with our Instagram for the day’s giveaways and enter to win by tagging a friend (another Instagram user) in the comments section with #12DaysOfBX on our Instagram account. For more details, visit our Official Rules page.

For a sneak peek of all the items we’re giving away follow us on Snapchat (BuffaloExchange).

Finishing Touches


Fashion stylists B. Hawk Snipes and Meron Bekele of PinnedxStitched recently got the opportunity to style an upcoming fierce model, Tracie Clayton, who has been seen in numerous photo shoots with popular designers and re-blogged all over everyone’s Tumblr pages. They needed just few finishing touches to put the looks together and Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea, NY was the perfect place to go!

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Minimalist Menswear (for the ladies)

By Buffalo Exchange Philly


With the popularity of tailored boyish elements in feminine apparel on the rise, this fall we’re seeing menswear for ladies take on a new spin. A neutral color palette, paired with high quality pieces and a pop of color creates a fresh, yet timeless silhouette. Men’s overcoats are paired over a denim peter-pan collar blouse or simple bustier. Durable statement pieces such as leather handbags, wood soled shoes, or hand forged sterling silver jewelry are transforming the trend to offer a little edge. Hold onto your boyfriend blazer—it’s still a classic in your fall wardrobe. Throw on a menswear button-up, overalls, and leather boots and you’ve got yourself a modern day look that would be Annie Hall approved!

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Desert Leaf magazine featured Buffalo Exchange Founder Kerstin Block


Desert Leaf magazine featured Kerstin Block in “We Often Have More Abilities Than We Realize” in its December 2014 issue: “Forty-five years ago … we bought a house on five acres near Kinney and Ajo roads … the far west side, outside Tucson. … Eventually other no-so-savory elements moved into the area … a bar that became a front for the less-than-legal activities. … so it was shut down, and the owners had to sell the property, which was diagonally across from ours. Spencer, who was the consummate entrepreneur, said to me, ‘Let’s buy the property so we can decide what to do with it.’… In 2001, we bought the property, against my wishes, and started renovating its buildings: a restaurant, a group of little shops, and a large building in the back of the property that had been the motorcycle bar. … Shortly after we bought the second parcel, Spencer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. On the commercial property, we renovated everything except the restaurant–Coyote Pause Café–and before long, people had moved into the shops and started running businesses. I even put in a big consignment store. Spencer wanted us to build a B&B on the back property. I gave in and said okay, and we began that project, too. Spencer was functional for quite a long time, but it was harder for him as the cancer progressed. … The project kept him going. But in 2009, Spencer died. So, here I was with this property teeming with activity and all kinds of development but not making much money. I had to get it organized and deal with it, which became a good thing for me. … When we bought the west-side property, I thought it was a mistake. The first lesson I learned from this project is that I have more abilities than I thought. … On this project, I learned how to delegate better and work through others to get things done. I’ve been lucky in pretty much everything I’ve done, and Cat Mountain Station turned out how I wanted. … to be something really nice for the neighborhood, and people are glad we turned it around. The second lesson I learned from this project is that you should get involved with things you really want to do, not have to do, but if you’re thrust into a have to situation, figure out a way to deal with it.”