Meet Our Team: Moriah

Buffalo Exchange

Back at the beginning of 2012, I had recently resigned from my previous job and had no idea what I wanted to do. I remember reading one of the local free papers here in Houston and seeing an ad about Buffalo Exchange. What attracted me most and made me want to apply was that the ad mentioned fashion. At the time I didn’t know a lot about Buffalo Exchange. I knew it was a place one of my friends would go to buy her jeans, and I had accompanied her once. I also remembered it being in a part of town where I used to go see bands play in high school. Fashion, however, that I know well. I love knowing about textiles and construction, and have always loved clothes. I applied for an Associate Manager position and heard back very quickly from the Houston (Montrose) Store Manager at the time. My first interview I wore head to toe Anthropology: shoes, tights, necklace, dress, etc.

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The Goods: Fall New Merch

By Buffalo Exchange New Merchandise

Buffalo Exchange

Our New Merchandise buyers have stocked our stores nationwide with fantastic fall items from boho dresses, fuzzy sweaters, boots for days, and more!

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KGUN9 featured Buffalo Exchange on The Morning Blend


KGUN9 featured Buffalo Exchange during its Morning Blend segment on October 9, 2014: “…A huge shout out to Buffalo Exchange. … they’re doing a recycled fashion show at the POP event … This is an example of a cocktail attire, that’s really what we’re featuring … It’ll be really fun. Kerstin Block … started Buffalo Exchange 40 years ago, great example of our successful women business owners here in Tucson … So were so proud to have Buffalo Exchange based here in Tucson and I’m so thankful they’re sponsoring the POP event …”

Her Campus Oregon featured Buffalo Exchange


Her Campus Oregon featured Buffalo Exchange in “Buffalo Exchange: Your New Favorite Store” on October 9, 2014: “…Buffalo Exchange is a fashionista’s dream; they sell great quality vintage and used clothing and accessories that are actually in line with current trends. As a college student on a budget, I love the fact that I can fill my wardrobe with great pieces without breaking the bank and when I’m ready to do some spring cleaning, I can sell or trade my items on the spot. ‘When I go to Buffalo Exchange, I never go looking for a specific piece of clothing, and it’s more exciting that way,’ states Kelsey Abel, a UO senior. She thinks of it as a “treasure hunt” and always ends up with items that she typically wouldn’t purchase at a clothing store. …”

Halloween Lookbook

By Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

Buffalo Exchange

We recently participated in a fun Halloween photo shoot by Marita Weil. The outfits were styled by Becca Griner and Marita Weil with clothing from our store (Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque). Find similar looks and inspiration at our local Buffalo Exchange for Halloween!

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“HOT FALL TRENDS” BY EXAMINER.COM featured Buffalo Exchange in “Runway to Reality – Fall 2014” on October 4, 2014: “… To create a runway to reality look of three hot fall trends I worked with Buffalo Exchange, a trendy New Orleans resale store on Magazine Street. … Key things to remember when putting together looks-for-less: 1. Use the runway look as inspiration. You don’t want to match it exactly. Be a trendsetter and create your own! 2. Determine your budget and stick with it. Sure, it may take a little more legwork, but that can be half the fun! 3. Choose wisely and maintain your standard of quality. You want your style to read high-end not basement bin!”

OFF TOPIC: The Great Pumpkin

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

Buffalo Exchange

Think of the last thing you ate or drank. Now try to describe how it tasted. For many of us this is tricky business. Putting words to senses is not something we’re accustomed to, and if pushed for an answer we’ll generally say something, well, pretty general. We simply don’t have the vocabulary for it.

So, in an attempt to branch out a wee bit, I’ve chosen a subject to focus my senses on—namely, beer. Pumpkin beer to be seasonally specific. So read on as I gamely attempt to convert tastes into words, like a kid awkwardly stomping around in his dad’s shoes. But with beer.

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Tucson Weekly names Buffalo Exchange Best Clothing Fashions (Locally Owned)


Tucson Weekly names Buffalo Exchange Best Clothing Fashions (Locally Owned) in October 2014: “There are a couple of stores with roots in Tucson that were pioneers traversing the land of sustainable living and recycle-reuse before it was cool. Buffalo Exchange has grown beyond the walls of the Old Pueblo, but the stores in Tucson remain what they have always been for the old folks and the young—places you can find style bargains. …”