Go Local PDX featured Buffalo Exchange Store Manager, Sarah Maloney


Go Local PDX featured Buffalo Exchange Store Manager, Sarah Maloney in “In My Closet: Buffalo Exchange Store Manager Sarah Maloney” on September 17, 2014: “If you have been to the Buffalo Exchange on West Burnside, you will most likely have encountered Sarah Maloney, the super stylish, punk-meets-Goth store manager who is the voice of what the store buys – having one of the keenest eyes in the business. Sarah is known for her amazing accessories and flawless eye makeup – her closet is a mishmash of brands from Luis Vuitton and Hermes to Jeffrey Campbell, Free People and H&M. …”

Style File: Santa Monica

By Luke Porco, Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica

Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica Styles With Bike in Crosswalk

In Santa Monica, we’re mixing up everything from flannel to floral this fall. We’re putting a new twist on classic looks such as mixing cowboy accessories with skater styles, as well as, mixing bold colors with timeless staples. It’s now time to shift gears into fall pieces such as rich browns and bewitching burgundies. We enjoy showing off our latest fashion trends when lounging at the beach, or taking a stroll down the beach on a bike or board. And, our sunnies are never out of season! When hanging in town we enjoy grungy vintage denim looks layered with flannels and boots, and classic styles such as blazers or cardigans mixed with vintage accessories. This season is all about magical mixes and matches to build your own unique statement and style!

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From the Archives

By Inara Edrington, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange

Our first Berkeley location on University, ca. 1982

Meet Our Team: Juliet

Buffalo Exchange

Hi, I am Juliet, and I have been with Buffalo Exchange for six years! In August of 2008, I was hired as a Store Secretary Bookkeeper at our Albuquerque location, beginning my life as a Buffalo! I was then promoted to an Area Assistant for our New Mexico and Texas stores, an exciting opportunity, and a rewarding challenge. By October of 2010, I’d worked up the nerve to move to the Big Apple to put another notch in my Buffalo belt and pursue music, and was fortunate enough to transfer to the Chelsea location as a Store Secretary Bookkeeper, just as the store was preparing to open. That opened the next chapter in my life and my Buffalo career. It was so fun to be a part of the Chelsea location’s roll-out process and the opening team of employees, back when the store only had about eight staff members on board! Transferring from sunny Albuquerque to the heart of crazy Manhattan is an experience impossible to describe, but it was so exciting to help expand the way of the Buffalo, NY-style. In January of 2011, I was promoted back into the Area Assistant position at the New York office here in Brooklyn, where I’ve been ever since.

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Fall Fashion

By Buffalo Exchange Houston (Rice Village)

Buffalo Exchange

Just because it’s still crazy hot in Houston, doesn’t mean we don’t have our eyes turned towards fall and layers. Besides, almost everywhere in Houston has air conditioning, so we can’t live in shorts and sandals all year.

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Happy Five Year Anniversary, Ventura!

By Buffalo Exchange Ventura

While ringing in our five year anniversary we thought it was only suitable to interview a few of our regular customers.

Buffalo Exchange

Kristen Mayville

1. How long have you been shopping with us? Twenty years! I started shopping in the San Francisco Buffalo stores and now I shop here in Ventura.
2. What is your favorite Buffalo Exchange find? A pair of broken-in Frye boots that I found in one of the Portland stores.
3. How did you first hear about Buffalo? I moved to San Francisco right out of college and there was a Buffalo down the street.
4. What do you find yourself searching for every time you shop here? High quality pieces.
5. What do you tell your friends about us? It’s where I find everything!

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Off Topic

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange

Here in the Old Pueblo (aka Tucson) our summer is slowly changing to fall. We know this because we occasionally have a thoughtful draft of cool air brush against our faces and limbs as we venture outside in the evenings. We know this because our cars are no longer 130 degrees inside when we climb into them after an outing to the grocery store. We know this because we have naturally cut back (just a little bit) on how much water we are drinking every day.

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Scout Somerville recognized Buffalo Exchange as Best Thrift/Consignment Store and Best Clothing Store


Scout Somerville recognized Buffalo Exchange as Best Thrift/Consignment Store and Best Clothing Store for the Scout’s Honored Awards 2014: “If you’re a local fashionista constantly looking to reinvent yourself then why would you go anywhere that’s not Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square? As the seasons change sell your old chic outfits for cash or store credit … Buffalo has snazzy duds for all seasons.”

Dallas Observer named Buffalo Exchange “Best Clothing Store for Making New Friends”


Dallas Observer named Buffalo Exchange “Best Clothing Store for Making New Friends” in the September Best Of Dallas 2014 Issue: “…the Dallas spot is a winner. It’s easy to get lost for hours shopping in the Greenville location. … All of these clothes are geared for younger people on various budgets, and that’s what makes the store such a fun, friendly place to shop. On Saturdays and Sundays, the friendly hang-out is crowded with shoppers in their 20s and 30s and salespeople who aren’t shy about making conversation on topics that have nothing to do with retail. …”