NOLA Streetwear

By Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

The ever-growing fashion rewind has hit the universities, from chunky flatforms to the cutest slim fitting cropped tees! The 90s have exploded at New Orleans Loyola University, and we were there to see it unfold. The amount of mermaid babes stomping around in their jet black Doc Martens and JanSport backpacks brought us back to the times when MTV actually played music and Discman headphones were all the rage. The college kids here in New Orleans are holding onto the 90s with firm grips and they don’t seem to be letting go anytime soon.

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CBS Los Angeles listed Buffalo Exchange in “Best Shopping In Sherman Oaks”


CBS Los Angeles listed Buffalo Exchange in “Best Shopping In Sherman Oaks” on September 29, 2014: “… this Sherman Oaks outpost has been providing some of the best prices for some of the trendiest thrifty clothes for several years now. … many customers have come away with brand name and vintage accessories in great condition and at rock bottom prices. It’s one of the few places where you can get a deal on some otherwise very costly fashion pieces.”

Style File: Albuquerque

By Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

We are located in an area called Nob Hill—the heart of the city. Nob Hill is along the Historic Route 66. Most of the architecture, including neon signs that date from 1925 through the 1950s. We see a wide demographic of people, drawn in by local shops, great restaurants, and amazing people watching. Young and old alike, it seems as if everyone is mixing and matching a little bit of vintage into their style. Our store sees some of the best vintage around and our customers come here in search of it. Maybe it’s the old school charm of Nob Hill or all of the antique stores nearby, but vintage is very much alive.

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WGBH mentioned Buffalo Exchange


WGBH mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “Back To Fall, Back To The Nineties” on September 26, 2014: “Allston’s Buffalo Exchange, the later of which has for the past year or so been buying and selling authentic and new ’90s wear as demand has grown. Store manager Chelsea van Vliet said … ‘It was at first more of a fashion risk and something that people who were more on the cutting edge were into,’ van Vliet said, ‘and now it’s more widespread and people are willing to take that risk because they see it everywhere else.’”

Athleisure Style

By Buffalo Exchange Bellingham

Referred to as the “City of Subdued Excitement,” Bellingham is home to a diverse and very active crowd. One that is ready to switch from sipping lattes to an afternoon bike ride in a moment’s notice. We savor our comfy staples (sturdy slides, practical runners, jogger pants, and excellent outerwear) while never sacrificing style. Our proximity to Vancouver, BC, and its very own activewear behemoth Lululemon has strongly influenced our style, especially concerning the rise of “athleisure” and sporty looks. Athleisure is the merging of athletic staples, such as yoga pants, joggers, cute sneakers, jerseys, and hoodies with everyday style. Some may say it is the downfall of “real” fashion, but Bellinghamsters know how to keep it comfy, cute, and classy while incorporating athletic trends into our daily threads. Well, we may be guilty of wearing Birkenstocks with socks with a cardigan, and a North Face rain shell more often than we’d like to admit…

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Meet Our Charity: Rocket Dog Rescue

By Tricia Garrels, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange

Our San Francisco Mission District store will be supporting Rocket Dog Rescue through our Tokens for Bags® program. We encourage shoppers to accept a token instead of a bag for purchases, and we donate five cents (the cost of the bag) to a charity of the customer’s choice. We have raised nearly $550,000 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations since 1994 through our Tokens for Bags® program, saving 10.9 million bags from polluting the environment.

Full Story featured Buffalo Exchange Marketing Director, Stephanie Lew

“CREATING A CHIC WARDROBE” BY TUCSON.COM featured Buffalo Exchange Marketing Director, Stephanie Lew in “Build a wardrobe without breaking the bank” on September 21, 2014: “…Local experts offer tips on creating a chic wardrobe that doesn’t cost a mortgage payment (or three). …Shop resale… But, do you know how to shop such a store? ‘Shop second-hand stores by starting the farthest away from the dressing room and working your way towards it, methodically going from rack to rack. Also, shop a size up and a size down when it comes to bottoms. Most people fit a size range of four different sizes between different brands.’ …”

About a Shirt

By Rocco Paone, Buffalo Exchange Astoria-Queens

Sometimes the history of an item is what makes it valuable.

Jeanne and her husband came into the Astoria-Queens location shortly after moving to the area. Having never been into a Buffalo Exchange before, I went through the entire buying process with them. After going through her items, I came across this gem— a 1961 Arizona Women’s League (WIBC) bowling shirt.

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A Halloween Story

By Bekki Romanowski, Buffalo Exchange Atlanta

Buffalo Exchange

I was always that person at school who threw on a pair of cat ears, my cat’s collar, and called it a day. I love the culture of Halloween and the decorations, but the amount of time it takes to handcraft an original costume led me to wear the same costume three years in a row.

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