StageBuddy featured Buffalo Exchange


StageBuddy featured Buffalo Exchange in “Buyers Talk Spring Trends at Buffalo Exchange” on April 28, 2014: “… we love treasure hunting through top quality second hand finds. … the thrill of the hunt, and of course the concept of keeping the cycle of clothing karma going. … we’re long time patrons of Buffalo Exchange. … quirky, eclectic finds and super on-trend pieces to work into your wardrobe year-round. Their buyers are masters of both domains, and they gave us a rundown of their favorite spring trends in this exclusive video. Some key points? Matching sets, light faux-leather, pastels, and printed jeans. …”

40th Tour: Minneapolis

Buffalo Exchange (2)

Buffalo Exchange’s marvelous Airstream Land Yacht stopped in Minneapolis and featured a varied selection of western and vintage wear and gear. It was an honor to have our company’s founder , Kerstin Block, celebrating with us all-day! We were joined by some of our beloved regulars, Buffalo Exchange fans who came especially for the occasion, and curious passersby who stopped in just to see what we were up to! We welcomed everyone with fantastic donuts from a local favorite, and offered our shoppers everything from crocodile boots to western shirts, and belt buckles to vintage dresses. Grace G., a self-proclaimed Buffalo Exchange super fan, drove an hour and a half with her friends just to come to the event. Another veteran shopper, Katie L., had the date saved on her calendar for a month! All day long, customers stopped by to shop and let us know what the company means to them, and how Buffalo Exchange has played a part in their lives. The day was an absolute blast, a big success, and here’s to forty more great years!

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40th Tour: Chicago

By Liz Welker, Buffalo Exchange Chicago

Buffalo Exchange (8)All the Buffalos in Chicago love a reason for flair,

and the 40th Anniversary tour was such an affair.


With excitement they waited, for the stories foretold,

of the magical Airstream, and the wonders it would hold.


The trailer had arrived! It was gleaming and festive,

filled with silver and leather and all things southwestive.


The Earth Day sale was a successful endeavor,

and Mother Nature gave them a break from the “worst winter ever.”


The store was packed with shoppers! It was bustlin’ and shakin’!

And some kid bought a t-shirt with the face of Kevin Bacon.


The band was a-rockin’ and the corn was a-poppin’.

It seemed everyone in town wanted to do some smart shoppin’.


The Buffalos could have spent all-night with their fashionable friends,

but sadly the party had to come to an end.


“Don’t go!” the Buffalos cried, as the trailer pulled away.

“Fear not, my Buffalos, I’ll be back someday!

Well, probably not…


but what’s important is to remember me fondly, for I’m out there somewhere!

Wherever a soul needs fashion inspiration, I will be there!


And across this great land my anthem shall ring,

‘Great Fashion at Great Prices!’ I’ll joyously sing.”


So let’s give a toast to our fortieth year!

To Kerstin and Spencer, and Buffalos far and near!


What better way to celebrate than this day full of cheer?

And now I think that we all deserve some beer, because we had such a successful event…


Hmm, that kind of fell apart on me at the end there. I’m also now realizing that I have written that the trailer is talking to us. That’s sort of nonsensical and out of nowhere, oh well. It’s really nice that you’re still reading, but the poem is clearly over.

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40th Tour: Somerville

Buffalo Exchange (4)A little piece of Tucson rode into Somerville, melting away the snow, and bringing bright sunshine to Davis Square. We filled the Airstream to the brim with western wear, vintage frocks, tooled leather bags, and fringe galore! It was so much fun to share this celebration with our customers and to see how infectious the excitement was. It gave us a chance to talk about the Buffalo Exchange culture and guilt-free fashion. Regulars and newcomers alike loved the party favors and the newly designed bolsa bags. Customers got a kick out of the Airstream trailer, remarking on the beautiful artwork done by Allyson Bennett. Overall it was a great day for both staff and customers, it gave us a chance to interact with the community as a whole, and spread the Buffalo love.

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The Triangle featured Buffalo Exchange


The Triangle featured Buffalo Exchange in “Buffalo Exchange’s Earth Day Event Aims to Keep the World Blooming” on April 25, 2014: “I was greeted by friendly shouts. “One dollar! Everything outside! Dollar sale for charity!” … I knew I had arrived at the thrift store’s annual Earth Day fundraiser … Shoppers buzzed around several clothing racks and bins containing discounted treasures. … I stopped to talk to store manager Mike Shaffer … Shaffer mentioned that the Earth Day events are the largest charity events held by Buffalo Exchange each year. “The event began at 10 a.m., but the lines started forming much earlier!” he said, noting the popularity of the affair. … This year, Buffalo Exchange partnered with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to help raise awareness for pollination conservation. … Scoring a great sale while giving back to the community left all customers happy as they made their purchases. I am sure bargain shoppers everywhere are marking their calendars for the next annual Earth Day dollar sale; I know I will.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution's recommends Buffalo Exchange


Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s bargain hunter recommends Buffalo Exchange in “Music festival fashion for less” on April 25, 2014: “Music festival fashion has become an entire shopping category in recent years. … As festival season gets underway here in Atlanta with CounterPoint this weekend, here are a few ways to get stylish festival looks for less … Shop resale: Let’s face it, festival fashion is stuck in the 1960s and 1970s, so what better way to emulate the styles than to shop the actual styles at vintage or resale shops? Buffalo Exchange … has lots of great options for festival gear and if you take in some old clothes to trade you can shop on credit and save even more money. …”

Easter, Coachella, and Airstreams

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

While loading up our own Airstream trailer last night for my daughter’s trip to Coachella with one of her besties (and my husband as chaperone and driver), I realized that next year we need the Buffalo Exchange Airstream to be heading out to that funhouse!

Buffalo ExchangeSo, here’s a shameless request: If anyone out there has an ‘in’ with the Coachella committee, or is already a vendor, please nominate us to be a vendor – we promise to bring the Buffalo Airstream Boutique filled with wonderful goodies to suit all Coachella goers, and we promise to do so with lots of smiles and love!

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NYU Local lists Buffalo Exchange as its number one thrift spot


NYU Local lists Buffalo Exchange as its number one thrift spot in “Top 5 Downtown Thrifting Spots For Spring Wear” on April 24, 2014: “… we picked some shops with steals and great spring pieces that won’t break the budget. … we found five great thrift shops … A lot of people know about Buffalo Exchange … it really is a magical place. Not only can you find great deals on clothing and accessories, but you can take your gently used items and sell them to the store for store credit or cash. … it is a great way to trade in your last season spring pieces for new looks. … there are plenty of spring/summer items on the racks, which is perfect for those trying to makeover their current wardrobe. … there are definitely some gems to be found here.”

Six Tips to Selling

By Stephanie Lew, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

uffalo ExchangeA change of season often results in a change of closet. It’s the best time to be most in tune with what to keep and what to sell. When you are ready to sell and trade, grab it all and bring it in to Buffalo Exchange. Here are six tips to get the most for your clothing:

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Summer Daze

Photography and writing by Brittany Fenney, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

Models: Hannah Taylor and Jennifer Williams

Buffalo Exchange (8)While the rest of the country is enduring April showers, Tucson is getting a head start on May flowers. Here in the southwest, the weather is almost unrealistically beautiful — the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the roses are blooming. Each day as we step outside the breeze blows in a longing for that perfect summer day. You know the day–with a combination of nostalgia for the endless, wild summers of your childhood, and every photo you’ve seen of 50s bathing beauties. It’s also a day of picturesque picnics, rolling in the grass, vintage sundresses, and laughing with friends. Feeding the ducks and spending every moment outside from sunrise to sunset. Looking ahead to the oppressive heat of Tucson’s real summer, we decided that today would be the day!

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