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2014 Fashion Resolutions

Our New York locations searched within their closets for their 2014 resolution; putting a fashion twist on a New Year tradition!


“I’ve always been somewhat of a treasure hunter. Over the years I’ve hoarded so many vintage treats that my closet has become a veritable retail store in and of itself. Interested in a threadbare kitschy T-shirt? I keep ‘em in my Pendleton tote. Perhaps you were curious about a vintage dress? You can sort through one of my trunks. Interested in some sterling silver, rhinestone clip-ons or turquoise rings? Let me show you my glass jewelry case. Suffice it to say, I have the kitschy, kooky and romantic well-represented in my closet. My fashion resolution is to tone down the fun (just a bit) and add in some well-made, classic basics. I want a cleaner palate to showcase the real special pieces. Top of my list: a white button down and blue jeans,” explained Emily McMaster, employee at Buffalo Exchange East Village.


Chris Habana is constantly inspiring our staff. He’s a regular customer at our East Village location and well-known jewelry designer whose creativity extends into his own wardrobe. “Recently, I vowed not to buy any new articles of clothing for six months,” said Chris. During this time it became evident what he could do with his existing wardrobe: combine old for new! For example, he sewed together seven flannel shirts to make a new skirt and combined a camo jacket with thermal leggings for a new pair of pants. “My upcoming fashion resolution is to continue with this direction of clearing out the ill-fitting and recycling the old into fresh, one-of-a-kind items,” concluded Chris. His jewelry can be admired at!


“My fashion resolution is to clean out my closet more often and sell to Buffalo Exchange for top dollar! I collect a lot of vintage sportswear and shoes and I’m always on the hunt for more. I’m currently looking for early ‘90s Ralph Lauren, vintage Jordans, anything Bears related and the perfect USA flight jacket, as well as other things. Resale shops are where I grab most of my finds so I want to try and trade more often,” said Gilbert Lopez, customer at Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg).