Fancy Friday

By Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

Buffalo ExchangeIn most workplace environments, individuals look forward to Friday as the signal to a weekend and also a day to be casual. Here at Buffalo Exchange Phoenix we are pretty casual most days. So, instead of having the average casual Friday we have transformed Fridays into “Fancy Fridays!” It gives us a chance to break out of the casual routine and get a little fancy! We all have different styles from funky vintage dresses to boho-inspired ensembles—we are even a little quirky. This summer heat may try to zap our fashion inspiration, but looking forward to “Fancy Fridays” gets our store excited to showcase some of the fancier summer trends. We plan to continue the excitement through the rest of summer, getting fancy every weekend through August!

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Grace 1997-2013

gracieToday we mourn the passing of Grace, official office cat, dirt roller and chair scratcher of Buffalo Exchange. Gracie was rescued from the Humane Society as an adult cat (1-2 years of age) in 1998. She has welcomed many faces over her 15 years of cat service. Her petite size belied her big personality and spunky nature. Her love for laying on printers and desks was unwavering.  Her final weeks were spent sun bathing on the porch of her favorite office while passerby’s gave her the ultimate belly rub.

She will be greatly missed and we are so thankful for the time she has spent us with.


We love you Gracie, but you already knew that.

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