Dress A Day May

By Brittany, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (University)

Buffalo Exchange (15)The gals from our Tucson Central location had a problem—full closets but nothing to wear! Summer has struck in Tucson and the higher the temperature, the harder it is to dress up. We found ourselves reaching for the same ol’ cutoffs and tee combo every day—it was becoming less of a “look” and more of a “rut”! Meanwhile, all of our beautiful dresses were languishing unloved in the back of our closets. The solution? Dress-A-Day May! We vowed to wear a dress every day in May. After setting a couple ground rules (Repeats? A-OK! Rompers? They count!), we jumped right in!

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Style File: Boston

Buffalo ExchangeBlack and white, neon and pastels galore! Bostonians love the mix & match of clashing prints, textures and over-the-top colors to play dress-up with this season. We’re all about layering pieces, for those crazy weather days and are embracing the cut off denim vests, Mod shapes, flat forms & throw back to retro fashions. Everything old is new again and just about anything goes! So be bold, have fun, get your glad-rags on. Spring has sprung and summer is upon us!

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Go Ask Kara

By Kara (@GoAskKara), Buffalo Exchange Georgetown

Buffalo ExchangeMay was a rainy month in DC but I managed to wear some of the Spring clothes I have been buying at Buffalo Exchange anyway!

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By Taylor, Buffalo Exchange Eugene

Bufaflo Exchange2013 will mark my fifth year attending the Sasquatch! Music festival and I couldn’t be more excited to go again! Especially since music festivals have become akin to the runway, with festival goers in a variety of eclectic and diverse looks. Full Story

Musings on Jewelry

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange VP

Buffalo ExchangeRecently I’ve become enamored with jewelry, for more than just owning it, but (big concept here) WEARING it. Jewelry has the ability to truly pull an outfit together.

Perhaps this new obsession has been influenced by what I like to call the omnivorous state of fashion. Meaning all things wonderful have a place in your wardrobe, it’s OK to mix and match, have more than one ‘look’, and be generally in love with color. I find that jewelry enhances the solids and puts the finishing touch on the patterns.

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A Trip to Oregon

With the help from three of our stores (Portland & Eugene), our marketing team headed off to Oregon to shoot our fall campaigns! The models were customers scouted out while shopping our very own stores! The light drizzle held no problem as there was plenty of dancing, laughing and a little more dancing. Stylish gals and guys walked the streets of Portland and Eugene showing off our favorite looks for fall. The clothing was crafted together by styling teams from each store. A truly successful visit to the Northwest and might we say, what stylist folks we saw walking the streets of Portland and Eugene. Now for some behind the scenes photos of the shoots!

Big thanks to Linda, Tashina, Mo, Amy, Jen, Sarah, Alyicia, Elizabeth, Janelle, Jesi and all our Oregon peeps!

Buffalo ExchangePortland (downtown) stylist Amy and Jen celebrating the end of the shoot!

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Movie Madness!

By Josiah Earle, Buffalo Exchange Portland

Buffalo ExchangeSomewhere over the rainbow… in a galaxy far, far away… Err, maybe we got that mixed up. But anyway, over here at the Downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange, we’ve been seeing some fun movie related loot this week!
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Street Style: Washington DC

Buffalo ExchangeSpring is in the air and the cherry blossoms have inspired a plethora of stylistic takes on the flora/fauna spring trend.  Ninety’s bold polka dots and grunge inspired daisies and sunflowers brighten up color palettes while some are still wearing those darks and neutrals we loved so much throughout winter.  With the onset of humid, summer-like temperatures during the day and cool breezy evenings, mixed media sweaters and jackets are a must.  Pairing stockings with shorts and skirts has become a city wide it-girl look.  With so many festivals and outdoor activities, spring time in D.C. is highly enjoyable for the local and tourist alike.  Here at Buffalo we have the pleasure of not only observing both but housing the right digs for local and visiting fashion fanatics.

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Celebrate Moms!

Buffalo ExchangeWe’d like to take a moment to celebrate moms everywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Bestest Mom’s!

My Mom, Style Supporter Extraordinaire

By Stephanie, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Everyone thanks those who influenced their style or taught them how to dress, but how about the people that supported their style choices?

Buffalo ExcahngeMy mom has been the top style supporter extraordinaire. I’ve been through many fashion phases and never once did my mom stop me. The first time I wanted to bleach streaks in my hair, she made the appointment. When I wanted to go thrifting to find Boy Scout tops and vintage dresses, she called it creative. Never once did she wince at a layer of my hot pink hair or frown during my phase with punky eyeliner. The year I decided to make my own clothing, she helped me sew in the zippers and told all her friends that her daughter was learning to sew. Not only did her support encourage my sense for fashion, but she’s been the biggest cheerleader in my creative endeavors. She is always proud of whatever I do and the life choices I have made. I would have never made it to where I am today without her support. I think you know you have a great mom when you hope that you can be the exact same for your kids.

So mom, if you’re reading this consider the fun styles and outfits I wear as a tribute to you and your encouragement of creativity. Most of all, thank you for supporting all of my fashion phases! You’re the best. Happy Mother’s Day!