Alice in Portland

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Buffalo ExchangeOnce upon a time there was a beautiful and curious girl named Alice. She lived in a black and white world until one day when she followed a white rabbit down a rabbit hole. On the other side of the rabbit hole was a new and colorful wonderland. She found herself surrounded by talking flowers and the most fascinating creatures. Two of these creatures were Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who told her the most intriguing tales of pastel tutus and wallpaper florals. Alice was treated to a Mad Tea Party with the March Hare and the dapper Mad Hatter, in his shorter than short shorts to show off his whimsical printed socks.  Upon encountering The Red Queen, she demanded to paint Alice’s white rose headpiece red to complement her three-tone ensemble. Alice suddenly awakened in the black and white world from which she came, and realized this fantasy was all just a dream. However, as she caught sight of herself, she was surprised to see that her headpiece was as red as the Red Queen herself.

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