Go Ask Kara

By Kara (@GoAskKara), Buffalo Exchange Georgetown

Buffalo Exchange (1)I have been in the process of doing a total closet turn over! I see beautiful clothes all day, every day at my little Georgetown, DC Buffalo Exchange so I am CONSTANTLY trading old clothes for new ones. My plan was to start selling off all of my sweaters and NOT buy anymore. I did not stick to that plan. However, I have mixed in a lot of great pieces for Spring and Summer in all of my many Buffalo Exchange hauls!

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Sam’s Favorite Blogs

Blogs, blogs and more blogs we can’t get enough. Of course we all have our favorites, from the big names, to the fun quirky ones, the all-encompassing no-hassle websites that have absolutely every bit of fashion knowledge you could hope for or the extremely fine-tuned niche markets.

BuffaloExchangeThis week we sat down with our newest Associate Manager at the Williamsburg store, Sam Corey, and asked him a few of his favorite blogs to sit down and enjoy each day.

 Honestly WTF

 A daily dose of fashion discoveries and insprations, contributed by a stylist and a designer who both see the world through rose-colored glasses” A great Fashion/diy blog that posts current trends and fashion trends in an easy to read format.

Sam : I enjoy their opinions they give about collections they post, and I love that they always find the best collections.

Suri’s Burn Book

 Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart A cute-humor blog where ‘Suri’ dishes on celebrity gossip, fashion, etc.

Sam : I love celebrity baby fashion and drama!

Bleach Black

A conversational Fashion Diary, is Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen’s online amalgamation of collective fashion obsessions.  Spotlighting iconic style muses, musical prodigies, DIY catastrophes / strokes-of-genius, and rarefied hot sh*t that the girls adore, BLEACHBLACK.com is a forum for evolving their Bohemian Rocker aesthetic.

Sam : I appreciate that they are consistent with their aesthetic, consise with their opinions, and they just have an altogether rad sense of style.

Spring it on!

 Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Buffalo Exchange (1)If you’re tired of “what’s hot right now” try out these classic spring floral & nautical trends; floral and nautical! You’ll look super cute no matter where you decide to spend Spring Break! Bring on the sunshine!
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Spring Layering in Ventura

Buffalo Exchange Ventura

Buffalo ExchangeThis small beach town is always blessed with a bit of sunshine and the weather rarely drops past 50 degrees.   In our town old is still new and casual/comfort comes first.  Blue jeans are a must and skinnies rule the scene.  Topping our denim with basic tees, frilly lace, and grunge rock tees are a few ways we play up our go-to pair of jeans.  For a bolder statement a pair of printed pants or flowy velvet pants can be dressed up with a chunky heel and some attitude.  Going into spring we will be looking forward to rising temperatures to broaden our choices and include all the great upcoming trends into our wardrobes.

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Help the Bunnies

Buffalo ExchangeWe’re partnering with the The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to help end animal testing—one dollar at a time. All proceeds from our annual $1 Earth Day Sale (Saturday, April 20, 2013) will be donated to the HSUS “Be Cruelty Free” campaign to help raise awareness about needless animal testing in the production of beauty products.

Chemicals in animal-tested cosmetics can be harmful to you and our planet. How can you help prevent the needless suffering and death to rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice? Join Buffalo Exchange and sign the pledge to Be Cruelty-Free online at the HSUS. Find animal-friendly cosmetic brands with this handy Leaping Bunny shopping guide.

Buffalo ExchangeThen help spread the word and share the 5 Thing You Can Do to Be Cruelty Free tip card to educate and encourage your friends to adopt responsible cruelty-free purchasing decisions. Go ahead and tag #becrueltyfree @humanesociety @buffaloexchange and visit humanesociety.org/buffaloexchange for more resources.

Buffalo ExchangeWe’re giving away ten $20 Buffalo Exchange Gift Cards to Be Cruelty-Free pledgees!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Help in the fight to stop cosmetic testing on animals by taking the pledge to Be Cruelty-Free!
  2. Post a photo of yourself with a “I Pledge to Be Cruelty-Free” sign to our facebook wall.

We’ll stamp your image with the pledge badge and post it to our Cruelty Free Facebook Album. Winners will be selected on April 22nd  http://buffaloexchange.com/rules

The annual Earth Day benefits at Buffalo Exchange stores have raised over $357,000 for environmental causes since 1997.
Costa Mesa Buffalo Exchange location in The LAB will hold their $1 Day Sale on April 7.

A Buffalo on the Run

The weather is slowly but surely becoming more and more pleasant every day. What better way to celebrate then to get fit and challenge yourself??

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange Portland store manager Mo did just that! Running with a Buffalo Exchange sport jersey Mo took on the Urban Warrior Dash in San Diego.

“It was my first organized event.  It was a really fun 5K run with 13 intense obstacles along the way. “

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Northwest Stylers

Buffalo Exchange

Christian & Hannah:

We found this fashionable couple shopping around our Eugene location with amazing matching backpacks! Her backpack is handmade from Stock & Barrel Co and his was a great vintage find. These two are representing classic Northwest style with their accessories and staying layered while we adjust to the weather changes. You can also check out their interests on their blog lylaandblu.com.

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Musings: Bugs and Blossoms in Tucson

By Rebecca Block, VP of Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo ExchangeWe have had such a cold winter this year in Tucson that I’ve begun to wonder when the orange blossoms will make their debut. It’s almost always smack in the middle of March when I first get a whiff of that intoxicating scent. Along with it come memories of my childhood, where my elementary school had them in droves in the courtyard.

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Lucky Seven!

Buffalo Exchange Portland

Buffalo ExchangeSince St. Patty’s day is right around the corner; we decided to pile together some our favorite green item to ensure that you don’t get pinched! Go big or go home! Decorate yourself with the color of the Irish or go settle with a bag or hat!   Either way, have fun!

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