Blossoming Accessories Trends for Spring 2013

Buffalo ExchangeIf your body were a flower, then your accessories would be your petals and flowers bloom in Spring, so what better time to flaunt your Spring trends by adding a flourish to your accoutrement, are we right or are we right? Right, we thought so. To get you started, here are a few trends we’ve noticed blossoming in the great North West at Portland’s downtown Buffalo Exchange…

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The Body Eclectic

By Kelly Devoto, Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica

Buffalo Exchange (1)The only rule of fashion on Main St is “Break all other rules.”  There’s no such thing as dressing too fancy or too casual here.  In Santa Monica, the grunge and the glam feel right at home together.  We borrow heavily from the 90’s, endlessly mixing patterns and colors (clashing does not exist here!).  Our outfits are creative and unique, just like the actors, artists, and musicians often seen strolling through the store.  Oversized sweaters and Doc Martens blend seamlessly with luxurious L.A. looks and designer gear straight off Rodeo Dr.  The heels are as high as the gas prices, and the sequins and studs shine brighter than the paparazzi’s flashbulbs.  Even though we may not all have fame and fortune, you’d never know, for we always dress the part!

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Off Topic: Free Parking

Buffalo ExchangeBoard games are fiendishly underrated.  They provide just enough diversion to effectively distract adults from acting like, well, adults.  And that’s always a good thing.

There are plenty of fun ones out there, but I usually prefer the classics (you get to sidestep that boring “explanation of the rules” period and dive straight in). The most famous of these classics is Monopoly, and the first thing people say when a game is afoot is “Ooh, I’m the Dog” (or the Thimble, the Racecar, or what-have-you). Everyone seems to have a game token that they’ve adopted as theirs. Well hang on to your Top Hat, because that favorite token of yours may be passing Go for the last time.

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